Should Moms Work Outside the Home If They Don’t Need the Money?

The majority of people today say that they believe moms should stay home with their children, especially if they do not need the extra money. Those that do have to work usually try to get part time jobs that they can work around their children’s school schedule. When some adults think back to their childhood they often remember thinking that their parents focus was not on them but on their work. Is this how you want your children to feel when they are adults, or do you want them to remember that you were always there when they needed you?

Each family is different and has various structures. Some moms are miserable staying home and end up taking their frustration out on their kids. But there are so many who find it extremely fulfilling being at home with their children. Sometimes it just depends on the mom. Too often many people only focus on the mother’s role in raising children, but the dad’s can help too. If you are a mom and are working only to get more material things that you probably do not need, don’t you think this set’s a horrible example for your children.

The most important thing whether you are working or not is whether or not you are spending quality time with your kids when you are not working. There are lots of stay at home moms whose children would be better served in daycare. If you can afford to live on one income then you should give it a try. Although most people are so comfortable with the luxuries in life they do not want to give that up, no even for their children. The downside of being a work at home mom is that sometimes you are looked down upon. Most people feel that because you are a stay at home mom you have no skill.

It is very upsetting when moms are treated this way, just because they want their children to have a sense of security that staying home with them provides. Another downside is that some stay at home moms begin to feel lonely and isolated. They miss the at work conversations and friendships. But when you want to put your children first in your life it sometimes means that you have to make a few sacrifices in order to do this. Try not to worry about how other people view you, because in the long run it is how your children view you that really matters.

There is also the issue of keeping current with your skills. This depends largely on what type of career you had before you had your kids. Usually when you leave a job for about 5 or 6 years you are not able to go back, and if you are it is not at the level you were at when you left. It will almost be like starting all over again. Take into consideration also, that it is possible for your husband to lose his job, and then where would your family be.

If you do not have a nice amount of money in savings it may be wise for you to work, at least on a part time basis. This will help your family to be prepared for anything and everything. There are lots of opinions on this subject, but as stated before the final decision depends on what is best for you and your family, and it does not matter what anyone thinks.

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