Should You Head for The Hills?: Week 3

If you’ve been keeping up with MTV’s “The Hills,” by now you are probably aware that Lauren’s roommate and co-star, Heidi, is a complete moron. This week’s episode strongly plays to that. Comedy ensued. Seriously, even my boyfriend laughed during this episode.

This, by the way, is the same guy who rolled his eyes and protested adamantly as I flipped the channel from Spike TV and the same guy who loves to mock the show with cheesy teenybopper-esque phrases such as “OMG! He so did not!” and “No way! Whatever!” as we watch.

Finally, a show I can watch with my “rather-be-watching-UFC” better half.

Alright, so Heidi lands her “dream job” at Bolthouse, a top PR firm in LA. Now, I must point out that said “dream job” is an entry level position as an admin assistant whose duties include stuffing envelopes and buying lunch for the boss. Since she clearly comes into the place with a chip on her shoulder, it makes one ask – is this her first job, period?

But, she’s ecstatic! “I have a salary! I have a lunch break!” Yeah. I have a salary and a lunch break, too. And real bills to pay.
I’m thinking daddy will still be fronting the bills. Her lush apartment, car, hair appointments to keep her blonde-as-can-be (we wouldn’t want to confuse anyone) as Heidi spends her first paycheck on some Jimmy Choo’s. She reminds me of my niece. She’s eight and likes to play pretend, too. Of course, Heidi doesn’t hold a candle to her friend, Audrina, who dropped out of school to start her own dream job as a receptionist. I know I was ecstatic when I graduated college and was able to finally make six bucks an hour answering phones for a living. Take that, Mom and Dad!

Heidi and Audrina have a chat in the hot tub (trying to keep a captive audience in that male demographic, no doubt) and they come to the conclusion that “school isn’t for everyone.” Neither is being a trophy wife, but their odds are looking pretty good.

Poor Heidi – dropping out of school (“Why would I go to school when I already have my “dream job?”) only to realize that “real world work” isn’t as fun as her High School home Ec teacher made it out to be. She has to wake up early (gasp!), sneak to the bathroom to use her cell phone (double gasp!), and on top of all that, she has the most supportive boyfriend in the world.

On only her second day in office land he rolls over in bed, disgusted she’s up at 6am and tells her to “just quit.” Real winner you got there, Heidi. He’s a keeper.

Lauren was also in this episode, but seeing that she seems to have her head on straight (for now – we’ll see what happens when trouble maker ex-boyfriend Jason comes into the picture next week), I didn’t really care. It wasn’t nearly as entertaining as watching a spoiled brat party girl fall flat on her face. Speaking of her face – the look on it after she is told to get her new boss a sandwich is priceless. It’s worth tuning in for the whole 30 minutes (commercials and all) just to see. Next week: Heidi cries because she can’t go to Vegas. It should be pretty funny. We’ll see what my boyfriend thinksâÂ?¦

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