Shower Filters for Under $100

A crisp, cool, refreshing glass of crystal clear water can be marvelous, but somewhat hard to find other than in a bottle purchased at a convenience store or supermarket. However, with the current advancement of tap water filters, getting a clean glass of ice water is as simple as turning on the faucet.

If you already have a tap water filter or water pitcher that cleans and purifies your drinking water, then you may also want to invest in a shower head filter as well. Prolonged exposure to water in your shower is actually more harmful than drinking it, but a proper shower filter will enable to you shower and bather with soothing comfort and peace of mind.

The water you shower or bathe in contains chlorine, as well as a variety of other harmful toxins and chemicals, but thankfully, in rather small, minutely harmless amounts. It’s the chlorine, however, that affects us daily. Chlorine robs your skin and hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry and sometimes itchy. Additionally, the bacteria and chemicals inherent in the water that splash alongside your tub and walls are responsible for the mildew and mold that can grow if not cleaned properly. The steam that is produced from showering and then likewise inhaled can also contain a highly concentrated level of chlorine.

Shower filters strive to combat these bacteria and purify your water, effectively reducing the levels of chlorine and other toxins, thereby enabling you to enjoy your shower experience, emerging clean and fresh and with a healthy appearance of both skin and hair.

The Aquasana Shower Filter is an easy to install shower filter with a high filtering capacity, effectively removing chlorine and other toxins and chemicals. The Aquasana Shower Filter also claims that you will instantly feel a difference in the quality of the water, as well as noticeable enhancements to your skin and hair. The filter is also designed in such a way as to prevent degradation of its parts, as well as filter more water than other available filters. The Aquasana Shower Filter was recently voted “Product of the Year” by Cosmetology Today Magazine.

The Rainshow’r Shower Filter is another highly effective and popular shower filter, with claims identical to those of the Aquasana Shower Filter, though the design is slightly more aesthetic and appealing. Simple installation is a key feature of the Rainshow’r Shower Filter, and replacement filter cartridges need not be changed for approximately 6-9 months.

Less costly than the Aquasana and the Rainshow’r, but similar in design to the Rainshow’r, is the New Wave Enviro Shower Filter. Ease of use and easy installation is also a major factor here, with filter cartridges lasting about a year. Guaranteed to fit all showers, the New Wave Enviro Shower Filter removes the chlorine and toxins from your water and leaves you feeling refreshed.

A shower filter can make a remarkable difference, and is a wise purchase for anyone concerned about the chlorine and toxins in their water, as well as a general healthy and comfortable appearance.

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