Showtime Rotisserie

My Showtime Rotisserie is high on my list of “things that I own that I can’t live without”. I do not think my family would like me to get rid of it either. The meat that comes off this rotisserie has a taste all its own, indescribable.

I received my Showtime Rotisserie as a Christmas gift several years ago, oh yea, another gift from my husband’s parents. Right from the beginning, I mean from ripping the paper off this present, I was certain that this machine would sit on my cabinet and collect dust. But, there was always the off chance that my husband would use it, and I would have to clean up the mess. Oh well, I said thanks and went on with Christmas. After all, it is the thought that counts, right?

Well, we took my new Showtime Rotisserie home, unpacked it and sat it in the corner of the kitchen cabinet. It sat on the cabinet for a while, just as I had predicted it would, until one day I decided I would cook a chicken in it. I get the chicken out and the cookbook that came with the Rotisserie and got busy. I seasoned the chicken and tied the legs, just like the cookbook instructed, carefully following each step. I set the time on the proper amount for the weight of the chicken, and then left it to cook. I prepared the rest of the meal when it was time; another handy thing about the Rotisserie is know when the meat will be done. When the rotisserie bell dinged, I removed the fully cooked chicken and fed my awaiting family. As my family sat down to eat, they told me how good the chicken smelled, and then when they started eating it, they began telling me how good it tasted. I had a new, easy, way to cook chicken, which led me to thinking about cooking other meats this way.

Thankfully, my Showtime Rotisserie does more than I thought it ever would. It does not have time to collect dust. It is used regularly to cook whole chickens, chicken leg quarters, pork loins, beef ribs, pork roast and beef roasts. In fact, my kids do not want chicken cooked any other way – only on the Showtime Rotisserie.

But, everything has not been great with my Showtime Rotisserie. I know first hand that you can catch it on fire, literally – flames and all. I would not recommend it though; it discolors the rotisserie and is hard to clean up. It is also hard to put the fire out, but with the trusty baking soda, it can be done. By the way, if you are cooking fresh pork, be sure you have it all tied up, no loose ends. I am happy to report that the pork roast and the rotisserie both came out fine after the fire.

The only complaint I actually have about my Showtime Rotisserie is cleaning it. Even though most parts are removable, it can still be hard to clean up. I clean it after every use, and then every so often I really scrub it, kind of like cleaning the kitchen oven.

Overall, I love my Showtime Rotisserie and would not want to have to live without it, or at least cook without it. It has become my equivalent of my husband’s barbeque pit. No one but me uses it and the nice thing is now I have two. Two Showtime Rotisseries in one kitchen, life is great!

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