Silent Hill the Movie : Have You Been to Silent Hill?

It’s fairly recent and new in movie theatre’s, “Silent Hill.” An eccentric, stomach turning horror frenzy, which can leave audiences at the edge of their seats. Although it was based on the original four video games produced by Konami, Silent Hill leaves audiences feeling as if they got their money’s worth.

Silent Hill originally begun in 1999 on the Playstation one game system. It begins in a small town (just like the movie) featuring the star, ‘Harry Mason,’ in search of his 7-year-old daughter, Cheryl. Silent Hill is a small town which is more of a retirement resort and or vacation spot for incoming travelers. The twists and turns inside of this mysterious town are unknown to Harry at first. Inside it, lurks a dark and inexplicable past that affects every element of the city. Somehow Harry’s daughter, Cheryl is closely related to the town. Before he knows it, she gets sucked in, and Harry must cross numerous obstacles to rescue her.

In the original movie just released this past spring, movie developers haven’t exactly changed much from how the game is. One of the main changes is a switch-around of the characters. Silent Hill the movie features the same exact story line, however, the character roles and names aren’t similar to the version on the Playstation gaming system.
Silent Hill players had a chance to enjoy original soundtrack music, graphics and generalship from which the game was created.

Silent Hill gamers were more available to depict a lot of the images, footage, and storyline of the actual movie. Other moviegoers were just recently introduced to the world of Silent Hill. Many visitors, unaware of Silent Hill, complained during and after the showing of the movie. “I just don’t understand it,” one lady explained. “What is going on, why did this happen?” Unfortunately, the world of Silent Hill isn’t an easy one to explain. As one guy recalled, “Silent Hill is a movie that could take half the day to explain.”

Above all, it is a fantastic movie (especially if you know about Silent Hill) to see! It’s a bit more graphic in terms of violence and language. Parents or Guardians are encouraged to take serious precaution before exposing their children to such a inexplicable and graphic motion picture.

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