Silverchair’s DIORAMA

my hands shake and my knees get weak when i listen to Silverchair’s ‘Diorama’ sometimes.
it brings back my faith in music more and more.

it’s like that feeling of finding someone new and you want to have them with you and talk for 4 hours on the phone at a clip and having them so close you can’t get enough of them. fits of giggles and moments of pleasure entertwined. things we look for and feel like we’ll never find. and sometimes you find it, but it’s just not the right time. and you accept it and just enjoy the good things that you encounter on a daily basis. but you know there is this someone that exists and makes you feel good about existing even more than you usually do.

“and i’ll pay for sanity, but sanity don’t come cheap”

life will never be perfect. life is such an amazing journey and through the pain and the tears and moments that you wish you could change.. you realize how glad you are that you are getting to live it.

i need to get off these scary chest cold pills…i feel so high.
but not fun high. weeeiiiird high. odd.

so i’ll just keep playing this cd over and over and eat soup.

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