Simon Cowell Does it Again with Celebrity Duets: Something You May Want to Watch

It seems that there is no end to the number of reality shows that Simon Cowell will come up with. His newest show is called Celebrity Duets. It involves professional experienced singers like Gladys Knight, and Randy Travis. The ones who are actually competing are comedians and actors like Alfonso Ribeiro. They idea is for the inexperienced singer to team up with the experienced singer and see how well they do.

On September 7 at 9:00pm on fox you can catch the show, and then on Friday you can tune back in to see what everyone voted for. That’s right it is another show where you get to vote. Do you think that America is starting to get tired of all these reality, dancing, and singing competitions. Well believe it or not these types of shows are still the most popular shows currently on television. Credit most be given to Simon Cowell because he definitely found a way to make money off of Americans.

It is hosted by Actor, Comedian Wayne Brady. If you know anything about Wayne Brady then you know that he happens to be an excellent singer himself, which is probably why they chose him to be the host in the first place. Some of the best things about this show is that each week their will be a different celebrity guest star to sing along with the want to bee singers.

If you would like ticket information to be part of their live studio audience then you can visit their website at: There you will find the next scheduled show times just click on the time that you want and then you can scroll to the bottom of the page to fill in the form. According to the website you must be over the age of sixteen in order to be a part of the studio audience. Keep in mind that the show is filmed in Studio City, CA.

Eventually though I think that Simon Cowells money makers will eventually run out. All except American Idol, which will continue to be around as long as there are so many people that are willing to compete in this type of competition. The judges who started the judging process are Little Richard, David and Marie. There job is already complete although just like all the other shows they will still be there to include their own opinions and thoughts on the performances.

Unlike the other shows by Simon Cowell this particular one is far less interesting. Even the publicity for this show has not been as spectacular as the American Idol show. It may be because they are testing it out too see how well this particular show does. Regardless it will definitely be interesting to see exactly who the winner will end up being. For additional information visit the website at

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