Simple Craft Tips to Create a Kitchen Island Out of a Vintage Dresser

I have an old dresser I bought at the flea market. It is crying out to be made into a function al kitchen island with seating. I found it for $70! You can easily turn a dresser into custom kitchen island with seating with these few simple steps. This project will cost you a little money; so do not expect to spend less than you might normally for a store bought kitchen island. This vintage inspired kitchen island project is for anyone who wants a unique kitchen island that no one else will have.

To Turn Your Dresser Into a Kitchen Island with Seating You Will Need:

1 Dresser
Butcher Block (cut to size)
Power drill
Wood Screws
Towel bars
S Hooks
Bar Stools
Paint (optional)
Stain (optional)
Paint brushes and rollers (optional)
Sand paper or sander (optional)

Now, the first step is to find the right dresser. I found a vintage oak dresser for the early nineteen hundreds. It is about 29 inches tall, which is a very ideal height. You will be adding some butcher block and possibly wheels, so you can not use a tall dresser.

Tip: If you already have a tall dresser and are insistent on using it you can try cutting off the legs. Measure before you do this and make sure it will be worth your while. You could possibly also cut off at one of the drawers. You will need to remove the drawers. Cut through the dresser at a level and slow pace, and then attach a piece of pine board to the bottom of your dresser. This is really a lot of work and I recommend just finding a dresser that is about 28 to 29 inches tall.

Now, if you need to change the color or look of your dresser you will need to lightly sand it. Next prime it out and then paint. Milk paint is a quick way to make any dresser look vintage. You can also rub wood gel stain or intend wood wax onto the dresser. These additions will also protect you kitchen island form damage and cleaning supplies.

Now, measure how wide and long the dresser it on the top. Add to inches to the length and then 8 inches to the width or depth (the front to back of the dresser).

Now, take these measurements to your local home improvement store. You will need to buy a piece of butcher block cut to this size. The extra inches on the depth are to accommodate some stools.

Now, to install the butcher block you have two options. I prefer to remove all of the drawers of the vintage dresser. Drill four holes in the top of the dresser. One near each corner. Now, place you butcher block in place. Have one inch or so hanging off on every side. On the width part have the back side, where there are no drawers, with about 7 inches of butcher block hanging over. Now, from the inside of the dresser press a magic marker though the holes you drilled and make a mark onto the butcher block.

Now, use your drill to pre drill some small holes into the butcher block for your kitchen island. Do not under any circumstances drill through the butcher block counter top.

Now, place the butcher block back onto the kitchen inland. Screw some long wood screws thought the predrilled holes you made. This ill hold your butcher block in place.

Now, flip the entire vintage kitchen island over. Add your casters to the legs of the dresser if you want your kitchen island to be mobile.

Now, flip the kitchen island back over. Attach a towel bar to the side of the kitchen island. You can use it for kitchen towels or even put some S hooks on the bar and hang utensil or pots and pans on your kitchen island. Use the other side of the dresser to attach some small baskets and maybe even another towel bar. Ikea has a great selection of bars perfect for this.

Now you have a unique vintage dresser turned into a great function kitchen island. You have added storage and function with the additional drawers and towel bars.

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