Simple Crowd Pleasing Party Games for Life Groups Part 2

Life groups are small get togethers with people from your home church. This is a great way to get to know one another and forge friendships in a less formal atmosphere. It’s a party setting with refreshments, games and conversation. Some also include a devotion and prayer time. Usually one game is enough for the gathering. It can be a ice breaker at the beginning or it can get people moving and talking to new people after the refreshments.

Here are two more games that work very well with adults or families. Playing games together creates laughter and a very relaxed atmosphere. Also, we learn more about our church acquaintances. The best benefit from having fun together is it helps to turn those acquaintances into friends.

Game #1

We played this one recently and it was fun and had everyone out of their chairs mingling. You need a paper and pencil for each player. One person comes prepared with a list of famous people. It’s more fun to use a theme here and a bit easier to play with a theme. For example, we used as our theme Famous and Infamous Christians.

I was in charge of the game so I made the list and monitored the game. I used some Bible people like Lazarus, Judas, Margaret and some contemporary people like Billy Graham, Sandi Patty and Elvis. I included some evangelists who were notorious and some people in our own local church, like our preacher. I had a list of ten women and ten men as I was expecting twenty players. I printed each name on a sticker. I gave men the male names and women the female names. It might be fun to just mix them up but that would be something you can decide.

The names were placed on the back shoulder of every person. Everyone can see all the names except your own. You are allowed twenty questions to find out who you are. As you ask questions, you write down the answers to help you keep track of the information you have gathered. Am I a Bible person or a current person? Am I infamous? Where in the Bible am I found? I’m not in the Bible? Do I sing? Do I preach? Am I still alive? What years were I famous? There are lots of questions you can ask. Keeping a record of the answers will help you find out who you are. Remember each person has a paper and a pencil to record their answers.

Some people got the answer pretty quickly and some people didn’t guess their name at all. We played for fun so when our people found out who they were, they helped others by giving hints or helping them ask better questions.

It was a lot of fun! It is also fun to play until you have a winner or play until everyone has guessed. You can do teams and play until all team members guess correctly. There are lots of ways to tweak the game to fit in with your crowd.

Game #2

At another meeting a game that we played was a form of charades Two people were called up to stand in front of the group. They were both given a paper with an action to act out. Some of the very simplest actions were milking a cow, washing a car. Harder ones were grocery shopping, watching a movie at a theater, weeding a garden. If the game goes too fast everyone can have a second turn. To keep the game moving, a time limit is set. You know there will be those who just can’t act!

The moderator chooses who gets which action. Some of our group are much older and can’t be too active, some are very outgoing and love attention so a harder charade to act out is more fun for them and everyone watching. Naturally there is a lot of laughter and fun. There is always much chatter after the charade is guessed. Everyone wants to share what they thought! No one is required to play but all are urged to participate.

We don’t have winners or prizes at our life group, we just play for fun. To see more on Life Groups and other party games just click on this link.

Have fun!

Source: Life experience

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