Simple Halloween Costume Ideas

What’s not to love about Halloween? You can dress up in whatever type of costume you want! There are so many costume ideas for any age, hand-made and store bought.

Toddlers and Small children

Pirates – dig in those closets to find old pants, shirts and an ear ring or two to dangle from the ear. Wrap a bandana around the child’s forehead, ad an eye patch, blacken out a couple of front teeth and they are ready to go.

Clowns – clown suits are usually easy to find in area department stores. If you want to hand make the costume, find some over-sized pants and shirts (that do not match), ad a tie, some clown makeup and a wig.

Kitty Cat – a favorite among the girls. All they need are black pants/tights, long sleeve black shirt, a tail, make-up and of course some ears. Use an old head band, paint it black, make some ears out of paper or cardboard and stick onto the head band. To make the tail, you can buy a thick piece of black rope, cut it the length needed and then add some black paint to it.

Older Kids

Baseball outfit – if your child plays baseball, t ball or soft ball, they can dress in their very own uniforms.

Cheerleaders – girls can wear their very own cheerleading outfit. If not, find a short skirt, shirt to match, knee high socks and a couple of pom poms.

Gypsy – look in your closet for some loose fitting clothing such as a flowery skirt, silk blouse and a couple of scarves (to place around your head). Add a few strands of necklaces, lipstick and you are good to go.

Vampire – not much needed for this costume. Of course every vampire needs a black cape and preferably a white oxford shirt. Add some white facial makeup, red around the lips, black around the eyes and maybe some gel to smooth back the hair.


Bag of Jelly Beans – pull on some white tights (or any bright color). Blow up about 10-15 balloons of different colors. Cut a hole in one end of a clear trash bag big enough to fit over your head. Stuff the balloons inside of the trash bag. Secure the trash bag at the end to prevent the balloons from spilling out. Assistance will be needed with this costume.

Farmer – will need overalls, plaid shirt, bandana, boots and a straw hat. Maybe find some hay to stick around and inside of the overalls.

Witch – look around for an old black dress of some sort. Compliment this with a witch’s hat, a broom, some green and black make up and maybe even a wig.

Sumo Wrestler – this is a fun costume! Girls and guys can wear some baggy sweat pants and shirt. Next, stuff soft content inside of the clothes to make the body appear big and bulky. A suggestion may be to use old t shirts as the stuffing.

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