Simple Ways to Organize Your Garage

Cars are not only things that go in garages. I like to think of a garage as a toyshop for men. They work on projects in there, read or even use it as their getaway. If you are trying to organize your garage I have some tips that may help you out.

Instead of piling things up all around the floor you should put up shelves if you already do not have any. Do not just mount up hooks on the wall. The best thing you should do is add a layer of �¾ inch of plywood over the drywall. This will make it easier for you to arrange items and also stock more. A big mistake that some people make is that they do not take advantage of high spaces in their garage.

You can also make a homemade carrier which is perfect to store items that you rarely use. (holiday decorations, old toys, etc) In order to make that homemade carrier, screw and glue in Ã?¾ inch plywood flange to 2 x 4’s. You then need to screw the carriers to ceiling joists and then just slide in the bins. The good thing about the cost is that it is around $17 each for the bins.

If your garage serves as a parking lot and a “toyshop,” a roll around workshop is perfect for you! You take a standard rolling bench which will be made from 2 x 4’s and plywood. You obviously can add any kind of feature to it such as a shelf bracket that make it turn to the Swiss Army knife workbench. You can have the shelf brackets fold up, this also helps to conserve that bit of space.

Also hanging up shovels, rakes, ladders, wheelbarrows and such on the walls conserve space as well. If you are going to build cabinets, make deep cabinets so you won’t have to build as many and you could store more items in each. I highly suggest that If you do not currently have an outlet in your garage that you should add the outlets in there because if you are going to use power tools you will need it. All you have to do to add an outlet in your garage is to mount metal or plastic wiring channels and the outlet boxes on to the wall. It is an easy job to do but is not so cheap; it will be about $50.

Finally, you could always just add an addition onto your garage so this way you have even more room to work with. It is easier than it sounds. All you would have to do is knock out a section of the garage wall. You then need to install a header to support the weight of the roof and then build a bump-out.

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