Singer’s Saving Grace Throat Spray by Herbs, Etc

“Singer’s Saving Grace” Throat Spray, by Herbs, Etc. is a Godsend for me, because I often suffer from scratchiness in my throat due to allergies. Since I also sing, it can be a problem when I have bouts of hoarseness and this product has helped me out on a number of occasions.

When I used to work as a public school music teacher, where I taught about six classes a day and spent the majority of my time talking, shouting and singing, sometimes my throat was just raw by the end of the week. I HAD to be able to talk and sing and I just have always preferred finding a natural remedy rather than an allopathic one for my health issues.

While browsing through a health food store in the area I lived in at the time, I came across the Herbs Etc. rack and saw the “Singer’s Saving Grace” product. The clerk in the store recommended it highly, saying that it had worked personally for her, so I tried it and was very pleased with the results. That was years ago and I still use this product when the need for it arises.

It’s very simple to use and comes in a 1 ounce spray bottle. I just give three sprays into my mouth from one to four hours apart, depending upon how serious my condition is. Within minutes, I usually feel relief.

The ingredients include Yerba Mansa, Stoneroot, Licorice, Jack-in-the-pulpit, Propolis, Echinacea Angustifolia, Ginger and Osha and are in the flavors of Honey Lemon, Mint and Cinnamon and Citrus & Honey. Since it contains licorice, you might want to consult your physician before using this product, since licorice might raise the blood pressure of some individuals, though it has never caused me any problems.

You don’t have to be a singer, however, to find a good use for this, because “Singer’s Saving Grace” can be used when you feel a cold coming on, when your throat is very dry and when you have a cough.

I recommend going directly to their website, where you can find more specific information on Singer’s Saving Grace, as well as on the other products they offer for a host of health conditions.

Unfortunately, I have had difficulty finding the Herbs, Etc. products in the health food stores in my area, but that is easily remedied, if you don’t have their line of products available where you live. You can order Singer’s Saving Grace directly from their website. The cost for a 1 once bottle is $9.98. If you prefer a smaller bottle, there is a .25 ounce bottle for just $3.29.

For those who prefer to use herbal remedies, “Singer’s Saving Grace” is one that I highly recommend, particularly if you are a person who has to use your voice a great deal.

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