Single Mom’s Tool Box Must Have Items

With so many single moms in the nation today, we need to be prepared at a moments notice to do the ‘easy’ home repairs that cost a fortune when we need to call in a repairperson. For this reason, this tool kit will be hands off to everyone but the mom in the house.

In this article, you will find a list of 10 things that a woman’s tool kit should not be without. Do not buy the cheapest item you can find, because that perhaps will mean you need to replace that item often, so get a quality one the first time around and you should be fine.

Drill you will need to add to your toolbox is a drill, as many repair jobs around the house require a drill. Look for one that will fit in your hands easily and is not too difficult to lift. A drill can help you hang a door by making the holes for the screws, to hanging photos, or installing locks. You can purchase either a hand drill or an electric one, but I recommend having an electric one, which is so much easier to use and hold.

Wrench, every woman’s toolbox needs one. A wrench will help you take off nuts on furniture, bikes, and a host of other things. This wrench will also come in handy for many plumbing needs.

Hammer, my dad reminds me often just how important a hammer is within the home. Make sure you get a solid reliable one, so it stands the test of time. A hammer not only comes in handy to hang shelves, but it is also useful for hammering metal bed frames apart if you need to move on by yourself. There are two major kinds of hammers but you will need a claw handle, which has a claw like end, and has a solid knob on the other side opposite the claw. We women can find plenty of uses for hammers.

Screwdrivers, you need both kinds in both sizes for your toolbox. The Phillips head screwdrivers have a little + shape on the bottom, and they are quite handy for turning all sizes of screws. The other type of screwdriver is called a flat head and it has a single line opposite the handle. You need screw drivers to loosen the screws on a vacuum cleaner, open many battery operated toys, and many other things around the house.

Level, is a little tool, with liquid in tubes on it and possibly has measurements upon it. A level is handy for making sure things, as our shelves are straight across. You can estimate to see if the shelve is straight but a level will be more accurate.

Stud Finder is a neat little tool, which will find the studs hidden in your wall. This little hand held machine with either beep or light up when it locates a stud in the wall. You always want to hang a frame on a stud rather then in dry wall. This stud finder should be in every woman’s toolbox.

Your toolbox should also include a kit of nails, washers, screws, and other items, which are staples in home repairs. You can pick up one of these little kits in Wal-Mart or your local department store. An employee not working on commission will point you in the right direction.

Every home should have a plunger as you know, but what about a snake. A snake will help you clear a drain, which can save you money on a plumber. You never know when this will come in handy for a slow moving drain, so it is better to have on hand if you need it.

A women’s toolbox can be a special drawer set aside for these items, or you can get a small toolbox. Those Rubbermaid totes will also make a great toolbox, at a reasonable price.

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