Six Restaurants to Try in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the most open places in the world. It is renowned for its ethnic diversity and its accepting attitude. And while many people think only of acceptance in terms of what they term “morality,” Amsterdam’s openness has a very innocent side. Food. The ethnic mixture of Amsterdam, and the city’s willingness to be inclusive, has led to a delightful range of palatable experiences. Here are six restaurants that offer a great dining experience.

Kaiko. Japanese businesspeople love this restaurant because it is a little piece of Japan. The authentic sushi bar – perhaps Amsterdam’s best sushi – sits near the Okura hotel (a Japanese-in-Amsterdam staple). The sake is superb, and one receives an entertaining show as the cook prepares the food before your eyes.

Dynasty. This restaurant offers a hodge-podge menu of tasty Thai, Chinese, and Vietnamese foods. Not only is the atmosphere great overall, but the restaurant features a canal garden that further enhances the sensory experience. Summer is the ideal time to sit in the garden, and enjoy Dynasty’s large portions.

Duende. Perhaps the cheapest fine food you will eat in Amsterdam. Hispanic restaurants in the city have reputation for be good and inexpensive, and Duende is no exception. Its location in the section called the Jordaan makes it a hot hang out. There is a studio in the back that provides live music and dance lessons. The food is Spanish, in fine tapas bar style.

CafÃ?© Roux. You can’t be in Europe without access to a French restaurant. The great thing about CafÃ?© Roux, however, is its almost-casual atmosphere. The food is a great value as well, and in the finest of “brasserie” traditional French style. CafÃ?© Roux sits on the ground floor of the Grand Amsterdam and overlooks a canal. There are two entrances: one from the hotel and one from the street.

Beddingtons. Reservations required, and prepare for a long and luxurious meal. Beddingtons offers fine fusion dining, creating innovation dishes with Italian, British, French, Japanese, and Indian influences. The atmosphere is comfortable and relaxing, and the food is not hurried. This restaurant offers the true epicure experience.

Segugio. Don’t waste your taste buds on regular market Italian when fare if you go to this restaurant. Segugio offers traditional Venetian specialties that are available in few places. You can sit back and enjoy superior Italian cuisine. Even though the restaurant is small, the food tastes big, and its open layout gives it the feel of simple grandeur.

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