Six Unique Uses for Tennis Balls

A staple of playing the wonderful sport of tennis, tennis balls have many other uses around the home. Fans of the sport undoubtedly have their favorite type or brand, but for these interesting and unique uses, the dollar store variety will work just fine. Read this article for why you should have a supply of tennis balls handy around your home.

Unique Uses For Tennis Balls #1: Removing Unsightly Cobwebs In High Ceilings. If you have high ceilings in your home, you know how difficult it can be to remove cobwebs from the highest points. Instead of reaching with a broom on a chair which can be potentially dangerous, reach for a tennis ball instead! Wrap a dusting cloth around a tennis ball and secure with a rubber band. Aim it at the cobweb and throw your tennis ball at it. The tennis ball will grab the cobweb and bring it down with it. Be sure to remove and breakables in the area before using this method.

Unique Uses For Tennis Balls #2: Hide Your Valuables In It. Cut a slit in a tennis ball and stick your cash or jewelry in it before leaving the house. Thieves want to be in and out of a home they are robbing as fast as possible and check all the obvious hiding places first. By using a tennis ball or two as a hiding place, you may just come out of a robbery without losing your valuable jewelry or any cash you keep on hand.

Unique Uses For Tennis Balls #3: Pool Cleaner. Body oils and hair can build up in the pool water, making the water murky and upsetting the PH balance. A floating tennis ball will attract the hair and sop up any body oils that accumulate in the water. By always keeping a tennis ball floating in your pool, you will keep your pool water clean and save money on pricey shock treatments.

Unique Uses For Tennis Balls #4: Quick And Free Massage Tool. I learned this trick while taking Lamaze classes in preparation for having my first child. A tennis ball makes a wonderful tool for relieving muscle aches and tension. Have your partner roll the tennis ball across the muscles in your back or your feet for a very effective and satisfying massage.

Unique Uses For Tennis Balls #5: Use In The Dryer. Down blankets and pillows are luxurious and promote quality rest and restorative sleep. Without taking care when laundering such items, or simply due to age, down blankets and pillows can lose their plumpness and start to flatten out. By tossing a tennis ball into the dryer with these items, you will prolong their life. The tennis ball “beats up” the down blankets and pillows while drying to keep their plumpness.

Unique Uses For Tennis Balls #6: Strength Training. Squeeze a tennis ball in your hand and watch the muscles in your forearm contract. By alternating hands and squeezing a tennis ball, holding for a second and then releasing it, you will quickly increase the strength in both your hands and your arms. This is a wonderful exercise in that it can be done anywhere and doesn’t require an expensive piece of equipment.

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