Skil Belt Sander 7500 – Do it Yourself with This Handy Tool

Hubby used to be in construction so we’ve been doing over our kitchen sort of hands on. Some of the jobs like installing granite counters are being done professionally but prepping the counters, for instance, are being done by hubs.

In preparation for the counters we had to remove a lot of tile. Under the tile is cement board and on that was mastic that held the tiles on. The two of us removed the tile in no time but now he has to sand down the mastic. One little issue, we didn’t have a belt sander. All his tools are up North and we are down South. Off to Lowe’s we went. Hubby chose a Skil Belt Sander Model number 7500. He likes that brand and the price was good, $49.97. Skil brand has been around since 1924. I think everyone has heard of the SKil saw, for instance.

You can buy Skil products at Home Depot, Sears and Ace Hardware. They make over 50 different tools.

The Skil Belt Sander has a micro filter dust canister. This means it will collect the dust produced sanding in a canister that is supplied with the sander. This needs frequent emptying to maintain maximum efficiency. To do this you simply squeeze the release tabs on both sides of the canister and pull it away from your Skil sander. To reinstall you line it up with the canister port hole and push. It will lock into place. Fine dust, like plaster still comes through. My husband says its more likely to work better and reduce dust on saw dust. The Skil Belt Sander also has a vacuum attachment. Under ordinary circumstances this filter should help keep your work are clean, The plaster dust is more difficult to control.

You can remove and install your sanding belts as they wear just be sure to disconnect the plug first. Always keep fingers and clothing away from the belt to avoid injury.

To remove the belt you lay your sander on it’s side, move the lever in the arrow direction, retract the front pulley and release the belt tension. Now remove the belt.

To install your belt , keep the pulley retracted and locked, insert your new belt over the pulleys and metal plate. Push the lever back to the original position to return the tension to the belt. Your belts will have arrows showing you the correct direction of the new belt.

This Skil Belt Sander has an on/of trigger, auxiliary handle, an auto adjustment screw, your micro filter canister, ventilation openings and the canister lid. It has a flush edge also.

The auto track feature keeps the belt running in the center of your pulleys. Another feature is that the on/off button is equipped with a lock on feature so you can operate without having to hold the on button down. This feature is patented..

With the Skil sander you can refinish metal like steel or iron, you use coarse grit sanding belts. You can use it on aluminum, solder, brass and bronze. It’s suggested you use beeswax or tallow to lubricate the metal when sanding. You can use your Skil Belt Sander on wood or coated wood. It’s excellent for removing varnish, lacquer and paint.

The voltage is 120V-50-60 Hz with amperage rating of 6 A. It’s 6.0 amps. The actual belt size is 3″ x 18″.

Warnings: When using an extension cord be sure it has adequate size conductors capable of carrying the necessary current. This will prevent overheating. When working on a sanding project you should keep your area well ventilated, use dust masks and eye protectors. This unit is portable and is not meant to be permanently mounted . It can be converted to a temporary permanent sander for occasional stationary use.

When using keep cords to the side. Clamp any small pieces you’re working on securely. Do not wet the sander. Liquids can cause electrical shock. Empty your canister before storing your sander. Never leave the rigger locked in the on position. Unplug it before changing the belt. Have your tool serviced by a qualified repair person. Never force your tool. Do not use the tool if the switch won’t turn on and off. Don’t use it near flammable liquids, gases or dust. Power tools create sparks which can ignite dust.

By doing the preperation fo this kitchen ourselves we more than paid for the price of the Skil Belt Sander. Plus, the prep guys would have done the counters but not th back splash which was fully tiled so we still would have had to do our own labor. Having someone else do this would easily have been several hundred dollars.

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