Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

Storage is a much sought after feature that’s often lacking in small bathrooms, especially when there isn’t a closet or cabinet for storing towels, soaps, and other toiletries. No one wants to leave the bathroom to retrieve necessary items they’ve forgotten or depleted.

If you have a smaller than average bathroom, you can find the storage space you need. The following information provides ideas for making the most of available space in a small bathroom, and you don’t have to be a carpenter to implement these creative ideas. Anyone can find the storage space they require no matter the size of their bathroom.

Over-the-Toilet Storage

One of the best ideas for storage in a small bathroom is over-the-toilet shelving and cabinetry. You don’t need much space on either side of the toilet to set up an over-the-toilet storage unit that sits on the floor. All you need is approximately ¾ of an inch of space on both sides, and open space over the back of the tank.

You can find over-the-toilet storage cabinets and shelving in most home improvement stores and some discount stores that sell ready-to-assemble furniture. They’re very easy to assemble. Consider this option if you’d like an extra cabinet and a few extra shelves in your small bathroom. It’s otherwise wasted space that can be put to good use.

Hanging Baskets

You’ve probably seen tiered hanging baskets meant for the kitchen, but these handy tiered baskets are also great for storing items in small bathrooms. This is one of the most creative ideas for small space storage. If you have an empty corner or area that isn’t blocked by a door, consider adding storage space with a tiered hanging basket.

Tiered hanging baskets in the bathroom are great for stacking and storing rolled washcloths and hand towels. They’re also great for storing beauty supplies and toiletries. The ideas for uses are only limited by your imagination and your storage needs.

Dress up a tiered hanging basket by threading the edges with narrow satin ribbon, hanging vines, or small silk flowers. Your hanging storage basket will be as decorative as it is useful.

Under the Sink Storage

Even if your bathroom sink doesn’t include a cabinet, you can take advantage of the empty space beneath it. Open shelving is great for storing non-personal items such as towels, washcloths, soaps, and lotions. Install or place freestanding shelves beneath your sink for added storage space you may have never before considered or even noticed.

Shelves, Shelves, and More Shelves

You can never have too many shelves, especially in a small bathroom. Don’t just limit shelves to the center of one wall. Take advantage of available wall space and install as many shelves as practical. An entire wall of shelves can be very useful, especially for storing neatly folded or rolled washcloths, towels, and toiletries.

If you have knick-knacks you want to display, but you really don’t have room, don’t forget about the space around the ceiling. Instead of trimming your small bathroom with a border, create a border of shelves to show off your collection of knick-knacks and decorations. Save the rest of your space for accessible storage.

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