Small Mirrors Add Sparkle to Outfits for Glitzy Events

Summer months means parties, friends and fun. If you’ve been invited to an extra special event, you can turn a regular outfit into a dazzler in minutes flat. The mini mirrors are available at craft or sewing stores and come in various sizes and shapes. They range from the size of a pencil eraser, or smaller, to designs slightly larger than a dime. Use fabric glue or fabric paints to easily attach the mirrors to most any fabric.

A simple tank top can look like a million bucks by making a diamond shape, with the mirrors, just above the cleavage area. The design can be made with four mirrors, arranged to a diamond shape, or several of them to make a larger diamond shape.

Add sparkle quickly with mirrors, by arranging them from just below the knee area, at the outside seam, to the hem area. They can all be the same size mirrors, but an even nicer arrangement is to start with one of the larger of the mini mirrors, then work down to the tiniest of mirrors. The smallest ones also look great when they are arranged around the three sides of the pants pockets.

Shirts that snap down the front will have an entirely new look when you glue the mirrors onto the snap backs. The same can be done with button-down shirts, but the buttonholes will need to be made larger.

Plain tee shirts can look very dazzling when you arrange diamond or oval shaped ones around the collar. Another nice design starts with arranging the mirrors, straight down from the front middle of the shirt. Stop about halfway down the shirt. Now make a smaller line of mirrors on each side of the original line, making this second set of lines slightly shorter. Continue this pattern, making each new set of lines slightly shorter than the previous ones.

There doesn’t have to be a particular pattern to the mirrors. Place them randomly all over the front of a shirt, using the fabric glue or fabric paint to attach them. You can also leave the shirt plain and place the tiniest of mirrors all over the sleeves.

Use the smallest mirrors to outline a belt. Or, do just the buckle for a striking accessory. Place the mirrors on a purse to make it a part of your dazzling evening accessories. The mirrors look great when they are arranged into an initial on the purse, or just placed strategically onto the purse strap.

The little mirrors can also dazzle up your shoes. Place lots of teeny ones all over the heels and toe, or outline the foot opening of the shoe with small oval-shaped ones. Or make a simple design on the top of the shoe. You can also use bitty ones to outline shoe straps.

Purchase a pack or two of the mirrors to see what kind of sparkles you can add to your ordinary fashions. You’ll be as glitzy as the next person who spent a fortune on her evening wear, and yours will look just as expensive.

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