Smoke Wholesale Cigars: Find Honduran, Nicaraguan and Jamaican Bundles at Distributors

Whether you are an avid cigar smoker or someone who likes to enjoy a good stogie occasionally on the golf course, you can get a great cigar without breaking the bank. I’ve been smoking cigars for many years, and I love people who boast how their cigar costs $10 or more. “Of course, it’s Cuban,” they say. Or, and I love this one, “Castro smokes it.”

I don’t care if it’s the choice of Castro or Canizales, or if it’s from Cuba or Kalamazoo, paying much more than one dollar for a cigar is, in most cases, arrogant and unnecessary.

If you love cigars and you find yourself smoking less, because of the ever inflating prices of your favorite indulgence, let me share some tips for getting your eager fingers on the finest cheap cigars in the world.

In fact, here’s a great challenge for you. When you get one of these phenomenal cheapies, give one to your “Castro smokes this,” spouting pal, and tell him you got yours special delivery from one of the oldest tobacco fields in the world and that it’s the only cigar that the King of Siam will touch. Then tell him that you got 10 of those beauties at a tremendous discount price of just $25 per cigar.

Now, when your cocky friend smokes one of these nifty nuggets, he’ll believe every word of your tale and ask you to hook him up with some. Here’s how you do it.

First, find a distributor on the Internet. Regardless of what any so-called cigar afficionado claims, wholesale cigar distributors are better than tobacconists, for the simple reason that distributors don’t jack the price like your favorite Mom and Pop shop. There’s plenty of great places out there. Just do a Google search for “cigar distributors.” For my book, places like Thompson Cigar and Famous Tobacco will suffice, but do some research and you’ll come up with a place you love.

From there it’s all about finding those “around-a-buck” gems. When I go online to my favorite cigar distributors, I begin by searching for cigar bundles. This is one way to cut the cost, because you’re not paying for fancy boxes or other aesthetically pleasing packaging. Besides, who really cares what the cigar looks like, when it’s wrapped up? You’re going to stick your cigars in a humidor or a plastic bag, anyway. How that stogie smokes is all that really matters.

The next trick is to search for a cigar that is not Cuban or Dominican. Go to the Nicaraguan or Honduran sections. What you’ll find will blow your mind, while tantalizing your palate. Some places sell 50-cigar bundles for as low as $45.00. That’s right, 90 cents per cigar. Other distributors may sell 20 or 25 per bundle, but they’ll still average between 90 cents and $1.25. Sure, you’ll pay shipping, but in the long run, you’ll still get great cigars at very close to a buck.

It’s best to do some research and try a few different kinds. You might even give the Jamaican bundles a try. I’ve had Jamaican cigars that I would have sworn were Dominican.

The final tip is to learn what the cigar is composed of. Try to buy long filler cigars, although Cuban seed is also good, if you have a nice wrapper, made of Honduran or Nicaraguan leaves. Also, be sure to stick with Connecticut wrappers. Darker, more robust, wrappers are okay with Dominican cigars, but when you’re going for the great, cheap stogie, Connecticut seals the deal.

There you have it. Great cigars for around a buck. Don’t forget the challenge. Watch your $10-per-cigar friend’s reaction, when he has your one dollar gem, thinking it’s only for the elite. He’ll think it’s great. Oh, but he’ll never believe you when you tell him that it’s really a one-dollar cigar. Enjoy.

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