Snakes on a Plane: A Splendid Way to Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy some Popcorn

For a low budget movie, Snakes on a Plane very much delivers. With everything from sex to all phobias that vex, it gives you a nice taste of snake violence and comedy. The cast does a fair enough job, and Sammy is.. well.. Sammy. He plays a bad motha, who carries the movie. SOAP is a movie that gives you what you want.

It gives you snakes on a plane, biting the hell out of people, and making you smile at the same time. If you are looking precisely for that and nothing more.. this indeed, is the movie for you. But.. and this is a big but.. if you are searching for anything of deeper substance than that.. look further because SOAP is nothing less than a stupendous popcorn and a soda pop movie.

“The Story.. or a bigger summary than.. A plane full of..”

Snakes on a Plane is a comedy/action/horror? movie. It is directed by David R. Ellis who in 2004 directed a so-so movie called “Cellular”. And is a movie that is abundantly carried by Samuel L. Jackson, who was abundantly loved in “Pulp Fiction” and “Unbreakable”. Sammy plays this fellow named Nelville Flynn who is an FBI agent. He is to escort a kid in his early twenties named Sean Jones out of Hawaii, because he witnessed a murder committed by a major and famous Asian gangsta called Eddie Kim.

This killa is played by Byron Lawson. Because this kid can identify Kim as the killer, this Asian gangsta seeks to silence him. So on this flight from Hawaii to L.A., Kim creates a situation where venomous snakes are placed on the transporting plane and are setup to be released in midflight. As the trip occurs, the snakes are released and snake biting ensues. Enter Jackson acting like a mad motha, and also a great amount of comedy relief. In the end, you receive a buncha action, comedy, and a satisfying conclusion.

“ZeN Had A Pleasant Time”

I was skeptical to see this movie, because I tend to not enjoy movies that have these types of premises. Horror and Popcorn flicks, are not the prime type of movies that send me into theater seats. But with this particular movie, I was intrigued by the hype and the high ratings of people on this site. And indeed, the movie does deliver. It is packed with gross and awful snake biting. You have a bunch of cringe moment.. but in a good way. It is consistently funny the whole way thru and the finale is not a let down.

The CGI and Live Snakes were enjoyable to view. SOAP holds some creative ways for people to get attacked and you get to see the death to a pet. Also, you have comedy that will not make you laud it for its comedic brilliance, but just enough for the mood to be light and a fun carefree time. Now the acting was not great by any definition. But it was precisely suitable for this type of flick. While subpar, it still above the awful bar. Nathan Phillips was bit uninspiring and reminiscent of the acting you see in B movies.

Kenan Thompson the former SNL alumni, was great for a few funny parts. Im glad they did not go overboard with his type of funny, because it tends to get on my nerves.. but no.. we find just enough of it. David Koechner who I last viewed in the funny “Talladega Nights” was also solid for a few good one liners. One that I was pleasantly surprise to see on screen was Todd Louiso. He is an actor who I love in “High Fidelity”. There he played this awkward little man who is shy, but is passionate about music. Here in SOAP he plays another quirky character, but this time its a snake expert who is the go-to-guy for the FBI.

Now, speaking of the solid things that the movie has, we must give a whole lil’ mini paragraph to Sammy. Samuel L. Jackson surely did carry this movie to a higher level. It was a delight to just watch him go off as a bad a$$ FBI agent.. who don’t take nuthin’ from no one. He has his trademark angst and makes this movie that should be so bad.. good. With funny and action moments that shine, Sammy is the perfect leading man for this action comedy thrilla.

When you view “Snakes on a Plane” you will realize that its not a flawless movie.. its closer to being a bad movie. But because its a popcorn flick, that is suppose to just give you some guilty pleasures.. its so bad.. that it feels so good to laugh at it. It holds acting that is just enough pleasant to not suck and it has a plot that is greatly timid. But it does have major delicious snake biting and a sex scene involving snakes. Also funny moments and funny situations. Its a movie that will scare you mildly but entertain you highly. As long as you don’t expect a serious dramatic performance from it.

But I ask myself who really will?

I think most already know, that this is a end of the summer gore romp with funny stuff. That its just a great chance at viewing snakes on a what?.. ah yes.. snakes on a plane.

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