Solve Problems by Turning Your Shaving Cream Can Upside Down

Wear your frown upside down? Maybe that one works too. For me, it’s all about turning shaving cream cans upside down. Sounds weird, yes, but it went like this. I had a problem with my shaving cream can. Hey, what can I say, I’m a guy who likes to shave in the shower. I found I get a quicker, cleaner shave. So I’ll stow my shaving cream can in the tub alongside the shampoo, liquid soap and other shower essentials. This arrangement seemed perfectly fine, even properly hygienic, until my tub started to complain loudly. It shouted out to me with rust.

Sadly, and much to my startled chagrin, I soon noticed a rust ring forming underneath the metal can of the shaving cream. It wasn’t pretty, nor easy to scrub away, so I had a dilemma. Do I keep my easy access by stashing it in the tub, or do I put something under it – a shaving cream can coaster? Finally, do I put my can of cream scorn in another part of the bathroom, to then trudge it out and into the shower each time I wanted to shave? Choices!

Putting a little can coaster under the infamous shaving cream would probably work, but in the tub it’s pretty slippery and wet. The thing may also slip around and force me to reorient and tend to it more than I’d wanted. Putting the can outside the tub seemed the simplest solution, but say goodbye to my shaving convenience. I finally decided to just stick it under the sink. If it rusted up a ring down there, nobody would notice nor care. So yes, that was that.

Soon after, I was showering and as I reached for the can of shaving cream, my hand closed around empty air. Confound you rust! Now I had to wriggle out of the shower – face the cold and drip all over to the tub to fetch the can. I did so and as I upended the can to shake it up and press it out, it occurred to me. The can has a plastic cap. It can just as easily be stowed on its head as on its metal rusting rear.

These days my shaving cream can sits on its plastic topped head nice and rust free. And my mind feels a bit more free of rust as well. Many problems aren’t as easily solved as flipping a can on its head, but it sure gives you a feeling of confidence when trying to tackle other stuff in life.

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