Some Issues Involved in Owning an Outdoor Furnace

In this day and age of rising heating costs some of us opt for the outdoor heating furnace. They are large and you need to have the fuel, most often stacked nearby. They can cost $5,000 or more with financing available. They function by burning a fuel which is fire wood and it is said that you only need to ‘feed’ it two times in 24 hours.

The heated air is channeled through your house by those ducts that are already in your house. Unless you have your own wooded lot you will have to keep that in mind when deciding to purchase an outdoor furnace.

In some cities the city council has met to deal with the concerns of having one of these outdoor furnaces within the city limits. Some do call them a nuisance. They are concerned with the health and environmental effects. There are 2 sides to this debate. Those that believe that these furnaces are a very good way to cut their monthly heating bill and then there are those that think these furnaces make smoke that is toxic and that it goes throughout the neighborhood it sits in. They believe that it affects asthmatics and others with breathing problems.

On a personal thought-People with breathing difficulties normally are not out and about since they have homes with air-conditioning. Also since I have been living in the city, I do not see kids outside playing very often at all. Especially when indoors during the heating season with all the windows shut anyway.

My local council is doing a fine job on deciding on any rule or regulation to set in place. They are listening to both sides at their meetings and researching available information. Thus far it has not become a big issue. I think that the best thing would be for a balance being found. People should be capable of having their furnaces without creating a problem with neighbors.

The EPA has standards for these furnaces and says that the newer versions comply with these standards. Starting in 1982 the furnaces were EPA certified. They give off 70 percent less ‘particle solution in smoke”.

There are 10 manufacturers that make 80 percent of the furnaces sold in the U.S. They have joined with the EPA for cleaner functioning outdoor furnaces meeting ‘performance specifications and began to be offered in the spring of 2007. By doing a search for outdoor furnaces you can find a number of them and from I have seen they have people you can talk to about using this.

OK, so I hope you know what this furnace is like and the issues that are being talked about. Good luck with this if you choose to have one of these heating furnaces, and best wishes for the duration of your furnace should you already have one.

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