Son of God

You entered this world
with no consent
Descended from above
purely heaven sent
Innocent eyes never
asking for much
Melted my heart
with just one touch
Special you were
right from the start
Number one angel
so close to my heart
Watching you grow
into a striking young man
Making me proud
over and again
The road you travel
will be paved with success
Your intellect shines
for you are truly blessed
There is nothing I want
more than to see you succeed
May god guide your steps
and fulfill your every need
I love you so dearly
words cannot explain
One day in the near future
they will all speak your name
Respect you have earned
the right to stand tall
You have surpassed the rest
sitting high above all
Remember your upbringing
stay wise and stay clever
Always by your side
until my eyes close forever.
Love Mom
Copyright �© 2006 G. Marlena Joslyn

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