Song Review: ‘Cried’ by Candice Glover

In a season that admittedly wasn’t the brightest moment in “American Idol” history, Ms. Candice Glover winning the whole schindig made every last bit of it worth it at the end of the day. With her natural knack for clever and original arrangements paired with a monstrous heaping of stage presence and vocal potential, Candice was the perfect amalgamation of all of what made “Idol” the industry standard for television singing competitions. Her debut album, “Music Speaks,” isn’t coming out until next year, though she’s releasing a new single much sooner than later. The name of the track is “Cried”, and you can listen to a stream of it from Singers Room by following this link.

“Cried” essentially takes all of what made R&B the standard for emotion-driven breakup song for decades and lets it eke out of one source: Glover’s voice box. Seriously, the girl is not only clearly above proficient in her vocal talent, but she has an intrinsic ability to connect with her listener as if they were the only two people in the room. As she delivers her story of a love gone horribly wrong, you can’t help but feel the sincerity in her voice like a thousand freight trains coming straight at you. Her ability to deliver something so poignant and honest in every song and in every performance is not something that any one music artist on the face of Planet Earth could hope to do. This goes beyond every technical vocal lesson you could ever be given, and in Glover’s naturally nuanced delivery, those who had doubted her “American Idol” win can basically stop that silliness now with the release of “Cried”.

Some have argued that it’s going to be an uphill battle in the record industry for Ms. Glover, and given how hard it is for just about anyone to break through, that isn’t that unfair of an assessment. With that said, I give all of my best of wishes to Candice moving forward. This girl has the ability to bring R&B back to the forefront, and deservedly so, with her amazing ability. “Cried” sounds like an urban radio hit by all means, and hopefully with a generally welcome early reception by the press, her fans, and new listeners alike, Interscope pushes for this track to be a hit, because it very well could be the poignant piece that Candice needs that could usher in “Music Speaks” as one of the surprise best-sellers of the year. No matter what, with a natural ability like hers, there’s no denying that she’s a star.

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