Sony Stays at Cutting Edge for New Technology in Electronic Products

The Sony chain of retail stores are affectionately known as Sony Style. The biggest reason for choosing Sony over the competition is their products are stylish and they are always one of the first with new technology. This has little chance of changing with some great innovative products coming out. In this article I will address some of the new offerings that include an Ipod for books and a mouse that you can talk to.

Sony believe they have the technology to replace the paperback. Its a big ask because many people just don’t like reading books on a computer screen. The Sony e-book reader certainly is the best yet though. The quality is close to a book as no letter flickering thanks to new technology. Words are painted with a special electronic ink, behind a plastic screen white and black particles float in liquid, and when a positive charge is applied black particles rise to form words. The display is six inches and uses no power until a page is turned or the text is magnified. You can store all your e-books and PDF files as well as text documents. The reader comes with 64 MB of memory which is roughly enough to store 80 books, however this is expandable with memory cards. The battery life is very good one full charge allows 7,500 page turns, that would allow you to read the Harry Potter series 3 times. This reader sounds extremely good, but be warned it comes with a $400 price tag.

Using the power of the Internet to save on phone calls has become very popular and is an excellent option for use at home. Truly its become a bit more problematical on the road because of the need for extra equipment. Sony hope to solve these problems with a mouse that can be flipped open and becomes at handset. This is an excellent option for business laptop users and the price tag is $80. This is especially so for internationally travel as making international calls can be problematical as well as expensive.

Sony remains at the forefront of new technology and many of their new products are exciting. Sony are not known for their cheap products, but there is little doubting the quality of their products. It will be interesting to see how these new products sell. Sony have plenty of new gadgets and nearly everything has stylish looks. If you can afford it then go for it, but if style isn’t that important then go to the competition. For many people performance may be more important and although Sony products are perfectly comparable it comes at a high price.

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