Soothing Relief from Diarrhea

Believe it or not, a case of diarrhea every now and then is good for you because it cleanses out your system from something bad you ate or from bacteria that has built up in your digestive system. However, instead of using over the counter medications that can do more harm than good try using some natural alternative treatments to help provide a soothing relief from diarrhea. Try taking some slippery elm, which works to soothe the inflammation of the lining of the colon that has caused diarrhea. The best way to take slippery elm is to open two or three 370 mg capsules and mix the powder with water to form a paste like gel. Take a tablespoon of the gel. To knock out the taste you can take the mixture with applesauce or a banana, which also helps to soothe diarrhea. If you suffer from a major case of diarrhea, try doubling or tripling the dosage of slippery elm, and don’t worry about the high dosage slippery elm is totally safe to use.

The next alternative remedy to provide soothing relief from diarrhea is to take probiotics to balance the bacteria in your digestive system. There are good bacteria in your system that works to fight against and relieve diarrhea. Taking probiotics can also help diarrhea when you are traveling. Take the supplements a week before you travel and then during the vacation to prevent diarrhea. Taking colostrum provides just a little help from Mother’s Milk. Colostrum contains the milk like substance found in females after they have given birth. Colostrum is high in supporting the immune system and provides some soothing relief from a case of bad diarrhea. Homeopathy helps to relieve severe diarrhea. If you have burning, watery stools, and are extremely thirsty, try taking Phosphorus. Take Veratrum if you have loose stools with green mucus. When taking either supplement, dissolve two tablets of the 6C potency under your tongue every 15 minutes.

Take some charcoal to get relief from diarrhea. Activated charcoal helps to remove toxins. Take four to six 250 mg capsules every two hours until you get some soothing relief from diarrhea. However, do not take charcoal or high doses of the substance over long periods of time because it can mess up your intestines and cause an upset stomach, constipation, vomiting, and the diarrhea that you are trying to get rid of. Take some fiber supplements, which can add bulk to your stools but make sure you drink at least eight ounces of water when taking fiber so it will go down smoother. If you are suffering from diarrhea make sure you cut down or stop eating dairy products, sweets, or foods high in carbohydrates for at least a few days if not longer.

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