South Padre Island, Texas

South Padre Island, Texas is a must see summer road trip destination. With fun activities for all ages, South Padre Island, Texas will become one of your favorite summer destinations. Easy to get to from all southern States, this destination is a favorite of road trippers everywhere. Located in the south of Texas, this island offers many activities and much fun for vacationers of all ages.

Laguna Madre and the Gulf of Mexico surround this tropical paradise in Texas. The five mile strip of activity will please everyone. During the day you can walk the beach, feed the seagulls, or just hang out in the pool of your motel, many with a view of the gulf. There is also Schlitterbahn for the kids and tons of camping spots. Shopping in South Padre Island, Texas is fun. They have many tourist shops, of course, but also several upscale shops and artists shops. You could spend days walking through all these shops, and if you get tired of that, then make the thirty minute trip to Matamoras, Mexico where you will find many shops offering inexpensive goods and Mexican specialties.

Many different options are available for lodging on South Padre Island, Texas. You can rent a condo for a fairly decent price. Many condos and hotels are located right on the gulf side with gorgeous views. There are also opportunities to rent a beach house, and while there are not many beach houses with actual views of either the bay or the gulf, there are a few. Most beach houses are in the center, with no view, but all are within walking distance, usually less than a block of the gulf. Another option is camping. There is a great RV park if this is your preference. The lodging options range from luxurious to rugged and all depend on what you are looking for in your experience from your road trip.

There are many fun educational activities on South Padre Island. One of my favorites is Sea Turtle, Inc. Here you can see endangered and injured Sea Turtles and the project to protect the sea turtles in and around South Padre Island. The Laguna Madre Nature trail is a 1500 foot boardwalk that takes you into nature’s habitat. Don’t miss this nice walk through nature. A visit to South Padre Island, Texas can be educational as well as fun for everyone.

Many activities can be found on the island, including snorkeling, hand gliding, and whale watching. Parrot Eyes has a bay side bar and you can leave right from there on a boat to go snorkeling. If the thought of hand gliding makes you a little nervous then at least watch them for awhile, it’s really interesting to see them go up and down. Our snorkeling guide gave us a lot of information on hand gliding and it was very easy to see from the snorkeling boat. To be honest, there isn’t much else to see from the snorkeling boat as the bay is very shallow and sandy. Still, this is a fun and inexpensive was to spend an afternoon.

The food choices on South Padre Island are fantastic. For breakfast start at The Grapevine CafÃ?©. This little diner serves up fast, inexpensive breakfasts for those wanting something different and who don’t really want to spend a lot of money. Try their breakfast burritos. The burritos are as big as the plate and filled to the brim with eggs and meat. Padre Island Brewing Company is a great choice for lunch. They have a Caesar salad that is one of the best. They also make many varieties of their own beer, so have one to relax during lunch while you take a break from the sun and sand. For dinner, Scampi’s Restaurant and Bar, while pricey, is well worth the money. This upscale restaurant on the island doesn’t look like much on the outside, but walk in and you will quickly see the difference from the other restaurants on the island. The food is very delicious and the service is very fast and friendly.

The nightlife in South Padre Island is very active with many choices. If you are looking for a party atmosphere then Louis Backyard is for you. This multiple floor club features several bars and outdoor access as well as a party atmosphere. Tequila Sunset is a favorite. They feature live bands and outdoor, bay side, relaxation. Whatever type of nightlife you are searching for on your road trip South Padre Island has the place for you.

South Padre Island will become one of your favorite destinations for a summer road trip if it isn’t already a favorite. With many activities, restaurants and shopping this is a great place for families or friends to take a summer road trip.

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