Southern Flying Squirrels Make Great Pets

Have you ever considered buying a Southern Flying Squirrel? They make wonderful pets because of the strong bond it forms with its owners. The scientific name is Glaucomys Volans. You can expect this type of squirrel to live between 10 and 12 years. It weighs between 2-4 ounces and uses a membrane called the patagium, in order to glide from tree to tree.

When looking at a Southern Flying Squirrel, you will notice that they are grayish brown in color with a white belly. Around the eyes are black rings. The Southern Flying Squirrel has been a popular pet for hundreds of years. Its physical characteristics resemble a combination of a dormouse, chinchilla, squirrel and a lemur.

The Southern Flying Squirrel is semi-carnivorous when found in the wild. Their diet consists of bugs, grubs, larvae, berries and acorns. As a pet, it should be provided with peanuts, pecan halves, walnut pieces and an apple wedge. A diet of nuts is unhealthy and produces constipation in squirrels.

If you are going to own one flying squirrel, provide it with a cage that has a lot vertical space. It can be small in width because the animal is tiny in size. You can buy a cage that accommodates sugar gliders. Type in Sugar Glider in the search engine box on the web and tons of places will emerge where you can buy a sugar glider cage. In order to provide a living space for more than one squirrel, the cage’s dimensions should be 2 feet wide by two feet tall by 1 foot deep. Wire mesh should cover the cage because it will provide air circulation.

A nesting box should be placed in the cage as well. A flip-up lid is best because it provides easy access to your squirrel and it also provides shade. Consider a nesting box that is 5 x5 in size. Also buy nesting material that is 100 percent cotton in order to provide warmth. Other types of material such as rayon can cause problems such as loose threads wrapping themselves around your squirrel’s legs. As a water source, supply your squirrel with an open water container. Southern Flying squirrels like to climb and chew. It is a Southern Flying Squirrel must-have to provide sterilized tree branches.

You should be able to find them at your local pet store. Also flying squirrels are vulnerable to calcium deficiency. A salt block should be put into its living space. Supply D3 vitamins as well as putting a calcium supplement in its food. Do not catch a Southern Flying squirrel in the wild. They will bite. Buy it from a breeder in your area or do a search on the web for breeders. You could also talk to your veterinarian about who you should buy a flying squirrel from. Consider joining a flying squirrel forum on the web such as

This form of pet is quite fascinating. In order to establish a bond with your squirrel, obtain it at 10 weeks old. Buy a breeding pouch to bond with your squirrel. After you have formed a bond with it, it can be amusing to watch. Simulating the gliding they do from tree to tree, they will also glidefrom person to person. So think about buying a Southern Flying Squirrel as a pet. You’ll be the talk of your block.

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