Space Saving Ways to Store Plastic Grocery Bags

Plastic grocery bags can be recycled, but they are also worth saving for household use. I use them to line wastepaper baskets and to hold cat waste that I promptly take out to the curb. However, they take up lots of room if space saving methods to store them are not creatively implemented. You do not have to buy a special holder. Stop shoving them in the open space next to the refrigerator, and use these space saving ways to store plastic grocery bags.

Use an Empty Coffee Can with a Lid to Store Plastic Grocery Bags

Coffee cans with lids are worth saving for storage, and they are easy to transform into space saving holders for plastic grocery bags. Wash and dry a large plastic coffee can and the lid. If desired, wrap it with wallpaper, wrapping paper or fabric. Use a sharp utility knife to carefully cut a large x in the center of the lid. Cut out a small circle in the center of the x to remove the sharp points. You will be able to pull out plastic grocery bags one by one and store dozens in a single can.

Make a Holder with an Old Sleeve

A worn out shirt with an elastic sleeve is worth saving for craft purposes. Surprisingly, an old sleeve can be used in space saving ways to store plastic grocery bags. Simply cut off the sleeve just below the shoulder. Fold the raw edge over and stitch it to prevent unraveling. Fill it with plastic grocery bags, and add a color coordinating ribbon for hanging. As the photo shows, a single sleeve can be used to store dozens of plastic grocery bags. I store mine on the hinge of a utility room door.

Stuff Plastic Grocery Bags into an Empty Tissue Box

Empty tissue boxes are also worth keeping for space saving storage solutions. They are already colorful and covered with graphics, and they do not require added embellishments. Reinforce a tissue box of your choice by wrapping the edges of the opening with clear box tape or color coordinating duct tape. Stuff the box with plastic grocery bags. Store the box in a utility room or in another location where plastic grocery bags are used most often. It does not have to be hidden away.

Source: Personal and Professional Home Design and Crafting Experience

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