Space-Saving Wrapping Paper Storage Ideas

Wrapping paper can take up a considerable amount of space, and it can become wrinkled and ruined if improperly stored. Special containers with flip-top lids are available, but they are not cheap, and they are not ideal for holding folded wrap or extra long rolls. You can create space-saving storage options for holding every variety from tubes to folded packs. Use these ideas instead of buying special containers or using valuable space in a dresser drawer. They are cheap and easy alternatives for holding all styles of wrapping paper.

Mount Cheap Plastic Bag Holders on a Wall

Cheap plastic holders for storing plastic handle bags are good for holding much more. Mount as many as needed on the side or the back of a closet wall or another handy location. Ikea brand plastic handle bag holders are ideal for storing rolls of wrapping paper of any length. A single holder can accommodate several rolls of wrap.

Hang Plastic Rings and File Clips from Hooks

If you do not have extra wall space for holding organizers of any variety, opt for vertical storage on the inside of a closet door. Mount hooks across the interior of the door. Attach small file clips to ordinary plastic shower rings, and use the clips to hold rolls of wrapping paper. Hang the rings on the door hooks. A single row of hooks on the inside of a closet door can accommodate a dozen or more rolls of gift wrap.

Use Wall-Mounted Magazine Racks to Hold Folded Paper

Folded packs of wrapping paper can also be stored in a smart space-saving way. To avoid crumpling the packages, store them in wall-mounted magazine racks. Single packages are flimsy when stored in an upright position, and they will bend and become wrinkled. When storing just a few packages, place a narrow hardback book against the vertical stack. They will remain in perfect condition.

How to Safely Secure the Ends

Tape can damage rolls of wrapping paper. Not only does it mess up the end, but it also ruins the area where the tape is attached. Forget about using tape when storing wrapping paper. Cut tissue paper rolls open lengthwise, and place them over the rolls to prevent them from unwinding and becoming wrinkled or torn. The tissue paper rolls act as clips, and tape is no longer necessary.

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