Spice Up Your Sex Life- Open the Lines of Communication

Need to spice up your relationship? Do you and your significant other need to strengthen your communication skills? Do you know what he wants? Do you know what she wants?

An important part of any relationship, be it sexual or platonic, is communication. Open communication. Sometimes it is difficult for couples to start a conversation about sensitive issues because they feel embarrassed or just don’t know what to say. One way to ease the strains of communication between you and your sexual lover is to sit down with a list of predetermined questions and go through them one by one, each answering. If you feel more comfortable, you each can answer on your own private sheets of paper and then show it to one another afterwards so that you can feel confident that the truth is being told.

The following are some ideas of questions and statements you might want to discuss with your partner. Some of these might be sensitive to you, they may be things you’ve never discussed with anyone, but what better time then now? To spice up a relationship sexually brings two people closer together and can really develop a good bond.

What I suggest is you print out two copies of these yes or no questions, one for each of you, and take some time filling them out- honestly. You might even want to elaborate on some of them if you are feeling in the sexy mood. Then, when you are both ready for a serious, sensitive, and maybe even seductive ending conversation, sit down together and go over each of your answers, discussing ways to implement new behaviors into your sex life that will satisfy you both. I think you’ll be surprised at how liberating it is.

(yes or no)

1.I like to dominate my partner better than the other way around.

2.I believe that once a cheater always a cheater.

3.I would welcome adding a third person to our playtime one night to spice things up a bit.

4.I masturbate frequently.

5.I like to watch my partner masturbate

6.I feel a close bond with my partner in AND out of the bedroom

7.Certain external props/erotic aids (porn, erotic literature,toys) would be a fun addition to our sexual experience.

8.I do/don’t often have an orgasm during sex with my partner.

9.I feel comfortable with my body around my partner

10.I have one or two favorite positions�

11.I know how my partner feels about me in and out of bed.

12.If my partner isn’t immersed in pleasure during sex, neither am I.

13.I know the nature of my relationship with my partner in and out of bed.

14.I’d be interested in exploring more types of sexual play.

15.I trust my partner’s word.

16.I sometimes fantasize about my partner and I in various erotic situations.

17.My partner and I have open communication in all areas of discussion.

18.I find my partner attractive.

19.There are certain things I don’t feel comfortable doing in front of my partner.

20.I have a favorite form of foreplay.

Now remember, some of these might not apply to every couple, especially those that are more advanced. But use this as a guideline to open the communication and go from there. Explore your sexual desires and grow even closer to your partner.

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