Spontaneous Mind: A Collection of Interviews with Poet Allen Ginsberg

Spontaneous mind, a collection of interviews, is an uncensored perspective of Allen Ginsberg’s life, work and the events of his time.

Ginsberg felt the interview was an art form, an opportunity to discuss and teach about his writing, music, spirituality and whatever else surfaced. The poet does not flinch at any question, but instead attacks it with fervor and honesty.

The editor, David Carter, includes several vigorous and worthy spars.

A conservative William Buckley begets a heated discussion about America in 1968 concerning drugs, censorship and the Vietnam War.

A stoic Christian confronts the Buddhist devotee with God’s Word.

Ginsberg patiently reaches for truth and understanding with compassion in every interview.

He is generous with his thoughts but at times the interviews are long-winded. However, the text is a lucid portal for the reader to glimpse the beatnik world through the eyes of one of its gods.

His history is an indelible part of beatnik culture. William Blake, Walt Whitman, Jack Kerouac and numerous other notable influences are also discussed.

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