Spring Break: Is it Party Time or Family Time?

No other season throughout the year has a break quite like spring. For school-age children, spring break embodies a weeklong breather from school. For some adults, they enjoy the daily company of their children, or perhaps they may take the week off from the workplace themselves to indulge in a family vacation. Some adults in Augusta, Georgia are often consumed during the spring break week by attending some little Golf Tournament called The Masters. But for college students as well as young adults in their early to mid twenties, spring break represents one thing and one thing only, a weeklong revelry.

Ever since the mid-1980’s, MTV has become synonymous with Spring Break by their weeklong televising of parties and events that occur throughout the spring break week. Throughout the years, MTV has set up cameras in a couple of Florida’s finest beaches such as Daytona Beach and Panama City Beach, and even more recently, MTV has graced the sands of Cancun, Mexico. Each year, young adults are open to the elements as their drinking binges and dance parties are viewed by millions of people. I haven’t actually watched MTV’s version of Spring Break in a while, but in years past, MTV would feature a trio of various college students and follow them throughout the week as their youthful transgressions are televised. Why someone would want that week of their life to become public entertainment is beyond me, but it goes to show you how mainstream Spring Break has become and how MTV has had a lot to do with it.

Because I currently fall into the late twenties age bracket, it hasn’t been that ago since I was an annual Spring Breaker. I have visited popular Spring Break venues such as Myrtle Beach, Panama City, and Daytona Beach. Though I admittedly do not remember too much about those weekends, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what Spring Break is all about. In fact, it’s really simple. It’s thousands of college students and other young adults getting together on some of the finest beaches and completely throwing caution to the wind for an entire week. Parties, drinking, and finding the next Spring fling is the primary focus for these Spring Breakers.

Not everyone uses their weeklong spring break vacation as a party-filled drink fest, thank goodness. As stated before, many families use spring break as an opportunity to depart on a family vacation. Because of the excessive partying at certain beaches, some families tend to avoid Daytona Beach, Panama City, Virginia Beach, and the Jersey shores. The best beach to visit during spring break if you are attempting to avoid the party scene is Hilton Head Island, SC. It is identified as an older laid back community.

Some families steer clear of the whole beach scene all together. They may simply travel to cities they have yet visited. Some families may venture off to theme parks or Zoos. Disney World and Disney Land have become popular locations for family spring break vacations mainly because of the family atmosphere that is displayed at these particular venues.

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