Spring Clean Your Kitchen with Vinegar to Save Money and the Environment

It’s almost time for Spring cleaning and there’s no need to spend a fortune on cleaning materials. Al you need to make a start is a bottle of white vinegar and a couple of cloths.

Cleaning materials are expensive and most households have at least six different cleaning products tucked away under the kitchen sink..Substituting white vinegar can make cleaning easier, save a lot of money, and benefit the environment.

Using vinegar as an alternative cleaner helps to protect the environment by reducing the chemicals which are flushed down the drains, and out into the seas of the world. Buying fewer of these products cuts down on production and ultimately reduces global warming and climate change. This is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint.

A mixture of two tablespoons of white vinegar and half a bucket of hot water will clean floors, counter tops and cupboard doors. Finishing with a soft cloth gives a brilliant shine and leaves the surface disinfected..

Clean lime scale from your kettle by covering the element with vinegar and switching it on to boil.. Then boil again with fresh water to remove the smell of vinegar. Use the same method to de scale your coffee maker.

Use a little vinegar on crumpled up newspaper to clean windows. It gives a sparkling shine. Buff the glass with fresh crumpled paper to finish. This method is used by lighthouse keepers who have to ensure that the light on top of the lighthouse stays clean and bright.

Remove food splatters and smells from the microwave by boiling a quarter cup of vinegar and a cup of water together in a large container inside the oven. You will then be able to wipe away the residue. Even stuck on food can easily be removed this way.

Get rid of nasty smells in your kitchen drain by pouring a cup of white vinegar down the sink and leaving it for half an hour. Then rinse through with plenty of water. Your drain will be clean and germ free. This also degreases the drainage pipe preventing blockages. It is a good idea to pour vinegar down your sink periodically to keep it clear and avoid problems with drainage.

Freshen up the refrigerator with hot water and vinegar in equal amounts. This can be used on the inside and the outside of the cabinet to keep it clean and hygienic. Leave the door open for a few minutes and the smell will soon disappear.

Vinegar and a soft cloth can be used to clean streaks and marks from stainless steel appliances. Rub gently for a gleaming finish. Always test a small area first as vinegar is a strong acid and may affect some coatings.

The whole kitchen can be cleaned for the cost of half a bottle of vinegar, without the need to buy expensive cleaning products. You’ll feel the benefit in your pocket and have the satisfaction of knowing that you have done something to help protect the environment.

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