Spring Cleaning Tricks

One theory for the ritual of spring-cleaning dates back to the time when fireplaces were the only source of heat. This meant that the black soot covered almost everything in the house. Therefore, when spring came, the house was aired out and everything made clean again.

Of course, now days our heating systems are quite different. Nonetheless, the need to open our doors and windows and let our house breathe still exists. . Here are some tips to clean your hose as it breathes in the fresh air.

* To clean a smelly microwave, add a few slices of lemon in the water you normally boil on high for a few minutes to loosen up the caked on food. Wipe off the loose food as usual, and you will end up with a clean and lemon fresh microwave.

* Light bulbs that kill odors will help get rid of a musty smell. They have a coating of titanium on them that destroy odor-causing molecules in the air. The trick is not to use any scented room spray because all you will accomplish is to add one odor on top of another. These bulbs are also energy efficient and can last up to ten thousand hours. But they sell anywhere from ten to forty dollars a bulb. However, you are helping the environment as you get rid of odors.

* To help with cleaning pots and pans that have become discolored on the outside, pick up a fresh steel wool sponge and clean the outsides of all the pans at one time. Throw away the steel wool after admiring how new your pans look.

* If you own a pet and your curtains and upholstery have fur on them, fill a squirt bottle with one once of fabric softener and six ounces of water. Spray the air near, but not on the curtain to get rid of the static charge. Brush the fur down to the floor and vacuum. For the upholstery, spray your rubber gloves and run your hands over the upholstery.

* WD-40 will clean up pen, crayon or scuff marks on the walls. Just spray it on the spot and wife off with a damp sponge.

* Use white vinegar or lemon flavored Kool-Aid (no other flavor will work) to clean your dishwasher. Fill the receptacle as you normally would and run with the dishwasher empty. The acid will get rid of the lime deposits and iron stains.

* To dust off electronics, including the television and computer screen, dust with a used dryer sheet.

* Clean things like combs, shower caddies, toys, grates, refrigerator drawers, etc, in the dishwasher. Clean on the regular wash cycle.

* To clean your plastic and cloth lampshades, use your hand-held shower to wash them down. Then leave them sit in the shower to dry off.

Use these simple and inexpensive tips as your start your spring-cleaning, and you should be outside breathing your own fresh air in no time.

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