Spring Organizing for Your Closet

Spring has returned and with it comes the desire for a clean house and a fresh start. Here are a few quick ways to start with something manageable… your closet.

1) Pack Away Winter

Then again, if you live in Oklahoma like I do this might not be the best idea yet. It’s May and we’re still having nearly 90 degree weather one day and 40 the next.

But ideally it’s best not to leave all of your clothes for the whole year out and cluttering your space when you aren’t using them. Pack them away in totes or vacuum-sealed bags and store them for the next time fall and winter come around.

2) Don’t Be a Pack Rat When Packing

Go through the clothes you are packing away for 6 months from now. Is there something you notice you didn’t touch at all last winter? Was it really just because it got shoved to the back of the closet or, more honestly in most cases, was it because you had other things you’d rather wear? Or maybe you’ve held onto a sweater you love, but it’s too short so you rarely put it on (happens to me all the time).

Don’t be afraid to let go. And if it’s still in great condition? Pass it on to Goodwill, the Salvation Army, your local clothes closet with the community or church, or anywhere else who can give the clothes you no longer want to the people who need them.

3) Stage a Spring Fashion Show in Front of Your Mirror

So you’ve finally tucked winter away and are ready to pull out spring again. There are almost certainly at least a few pieces in your spring collection that don’t fit properly anymore, or have faded beyond looking chic, or just don’t fit your style. Try things on and see what still suits you, and don’t forget shoes too! Don’t start the new season with a closet full of ‘maybes’.

Put the good pieces in with your winter clothes donation and toss out the rest. Don’t hold back!

4) The ‘Et Cetera’ Pile

What ELSE are you keeping in your closet, and why? Does it really go there, or was it a convenient place to stuff it at the time? Clear out everything else hiding in the corners and on the top shelf and go through it. Toss the junk and organize the leftovers using totes, boxes, drawers, or shelving.

Make it fun. Break out the labels, buy or build new ways to organize in your closet and give it a mini-makeover. Even though you can shut the door on it and keep it all out of sight, a messy closet is never out of mind. Take the time to start fresh!

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