Sprung from a Similar Place

Sprung from a similar place,
They’re lives relied on a single breath
A bottle, a morsel, a hug and a kiss
Through and over, above and beyond, life shifted and tilted and created a wall
Made of stories and photos, and untold atrocities, feelings and meanings, and intellectual capacities
When every seven years, suppose,
You change your hair your thoughts your clothes
The world changes its status quo
Embracing or erasing new thought & ideas
they’ll come just as fast as the soon fading years
Resist the logic you were made to embrace
Hold to traditions; desperately cling to what a mortal did create
Until all these portals, these people, these lives
Live evenly and oddly, and know it’s harder to realize
The differences among you, the right, nor the wrong
Give a reason to disregard an opportunity to prolong,
Your mind’s precious growth, watches the world slowly melt
Bring yourself closer to your differences, and start to realize yourself

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