Standby Generator Basics

How many times has your power gone out shortly after a trip to the grocery store, ruining tons of eating goods? A standby generator can be the perfect answer to save tons of money and the sheer inconvenience of having an electrical outage. Never miss your favorite TV shows again. What is a standby generator? Well this article will explain just that!

Standby Generator Basics – Portable

Portable standby generators are a cheaper and more affordable option when it comes to buying a standby generator. Generators can be very pricy, and picking up a portable one can really come in handy in a bind. Also, this type of standby generator is great when a friend or family member has an outage and is in danger of losing food as you can lend it to them for the duration of their outage! Portable generators aren’t all that great though, as gas and electric lines are very much a pain to deal with, and even more hazardous is the possibility of carbon monoxide, a very poisonous gas that can kill in as little as fifteen seconds of exposure.

Standby Generator Basics – Permanent

While being quite a bit more expensive, the permanent standby generator conveniently flips on when power goes out and cuts right back off when power is restored. Barely like losing power at all! You should also consider the longevity of your current housing situation when concerning a permanent standby generator, as it’s not so easy to pack up and take with you if you need or choose to move to another home. They are already rigged to your homes electric system and generally runs off of propane.

Standby Generator Basics – Size

Once again, the main issue when considering the size of the standby generator you want is price. The larger the unit, obviously the more benefit you’re going to get, as most larger units can run an entire houses electrical workings by themselves. Most of the smaller units can be connected to a single circuit box and will run a few of the vital workings.

Standby Generator Basics – Self Testing

The nicer models of the standby generator can even test itself to ensure that it will work properly in case of an emergency. This is a great feature for a standby generator as you have no worries at all about power outages. It completely eliminates the risk.

You should always consider how much power you want to run before you buy a generator. If you only want to run select circuits, you should make sure you get the minimum standby generator model to save as much money as possible and still get enough power to help you survive an outage. Another thing to remember is that after every use, you should work on cleaning and changing fluids and other things in your generator to keep it working top notch and keep your home in the soft glow of electricity.

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