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The Dallas branch of Standup For Kids has started a new program of “shelter” outreach in addition to its street outreach project. “As part of street outreach we began working with Promise House, a youth shelter,” said staff. “The kids generally come to the shelter with very few clothes.” The mission of Stand Up is to help shelter and street kids, according to their website. Their outreach extends to school and help via the internet to deter kids from running away which expands to resource programs. According to literature, Stand Up does this for kids daily in cities across America. Stand Up For Kids’ national headquarters is located at 1510 Front Street, Suite 100 in San Diego, CA.

Items needed include:

Mens’ boxers
Girls’ underwear
Mens’ crew neck t-shirts
Mens’ tank top shirts
Sports bras
Regular bras
Tennis shoes

One of the campaigns the organization conducts is the Turn Purple Campaign which supports child abuse and homelessness prevention all over the U.S. through various activities in the spring.

In Dallas, for example, the Purple in the Park will be hosted by the city and the local Stand Up office May 20th from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Reverchon Park, 3505 Maple Avenue.

The outreach centers provide a safe and caring environment for kids where they can receive counseling, education, transportation to and from school, work skills, and learn how to live independently. The center must be easily accessible to the kids and is generally located in a convenient, downtown location.

The centers provide services such as a safe environment to rest, referral services, meals and snacks, phone messages and mail service, hygiene products, apartment finding services, i.d. services, and a place for kids to receive ongoing training.

According to Stand Up a viable street outreach program is not solely concerned with finding homeless kids who are interested in staying in a shelter. Staff say they can now identify why kids will not or cannot enter a shelter.

If you would like to get involved with Stand Up shelter outreach or have any questions, email

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