Stay Safe This Hurricane Season

What starts as a storm off the coast of Africa can quickly become a full-blown hurricane by the time it hits the warm waters of the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. Each hurricane season, hurricanes pound the southern and eastern shores of America, leaving in their wake, thousands of dollars in damage and lost lives. If you live in an area that is frequented by hurricanes, be sure to follow these hurricane season safety tips.

Hurricane Season Safety Tip #1: Evacuate

Listen to city and local officials when they tell you to evacuate. Don’t get stranded! Always know your best evacuation route and a back up route in case one is closed. If your home is in a low-lying area, on the coast, or if you live in a mobile home, you should evacuate immediately. Falling trees, power lines, and flooding all pose extreme risks and can be avoided by evacuating to higher ground.

Hurricane Season Safety Tip #2: Prepare for the worst

Whether you are leaving or riding out the storm in your house, you will need to properly prepare your home for the worst. Pick up all items from your yard including toys, swings, garbage cans, tables and chairs, then board up all windows and glass doors. Hurricane force winds can easily exceed 160mph causing thousands of dollars in water and wind damage.

Hurricane Season Safety Tip #3: Plan Ahead

Prepare an emergency box before the hurricane hits and fill it with canned goods, non-perishable items and bottled water- enough to last you 3-4 days in case you get stranded. If your emergency box contains canned goods, always pack a can opener. Make sure your emergency box contains a battery-operated radio, batteries, flashlights and candles in case there is a power outage.

Hurricane Season Safety Tip #4: Prepare your car

Hurricane season can see hurricanes upgrade from a Category 3 to a Category 5 overnight and you need to be able to evacuate quickly, so check the oil, fluids, tires and spare tires. Remember to fill your car up with gasoline before the hurricane hits, since most gas stations are closed shortly before, during and after a hurricane.

Hurricane Season Safety Tip #5: Prepare for injuries

Always prepare 2 first aid kits, for your car and your home. Make sure you have plenty of medicine, band-aids, and bandages in case something goes wrong. Print out basic how to guides for dressing wounds and keep them in your first aid kit. If you are stranded during a hurricane and it floods, always stay away from standing water. Downed power lines can electrically charge floodwaters making them extremely dangerous.

This hurricane season follow these safety tips. If you do choose to ride out the hurricane in your home always notify loved ones of your decision and get contact information on where they will be as well. By following hurricane season safety tips and using a little common sense, you can protect yourself and your family from any disaster-even one Mother Nature throws at you.

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