Steak Houses in Milwaukee

Wisconsin may be America’s Dairyland, but as we all know, milk isn’t the only thing that comes from cows. Milwaukee is a steak-friendly city – part of that midwestern meat-n-potatoes thing we do so well. Whether fancy or family, the steak houses in Milwaukee offer something to sink your teeth into: a nice juicy cut of beef. So leave aside the predictable chain restaurants like Prime Quarter, Outback, or (yikes) Ponderosa and treat yourself to one of these steak houses in Milwaukee, all of which are downtown.

Steak Houses in Milwaukee: Mo’s…A Place for Steak
720 N. Plankinton Ave.
Milwaukee, WI
Yes, it’s an obvious member of the Mo’s Milwaukee restaurant empire, and there’s even an Indianapolis location. Luckily, though, the restaurants in this mini-conglomerate don’t have a chain feel, and Mo’sâÂ?¦A Place for Steak (often called simply Mo’s Steak House) provides what is arguably Milwaukee’s best steak experience in an upscale setting. This is the place where business deals are sealed, golden anniversaries are celebrated, and wallet-wielding Montagues woo their choice Capulets. In fact, I’ve even included it in my list of Romantic Restaurants in Milwaukee. On an otherwise unremarkable street, Mo’s is the red carpet restaurant with self-effacing, attentive servers and exquisitely prepared meals with as much sophistication as a steak house in Milwaukee can muster. Mo’s served me the best filet mignon I’ve ever tasted, and my dining partner enjoyed the London broil just as much. So, dress well, tip generously, and enjoy the most fussily prepared cuts in the city.

Steak Houses in Milwaukee: Milwaukee Chophouse
633 N. Fifth St.
Milwaukee, WI
A few blocks west of Mo’s lies the Hilton hotel and its well-regarded Milwaukee Chophouse. Though they try to be a peculiarly snarky in their ads (“Imagine cutting into a Barry White song” and “Recovering Vegetarians Welcome”), their marketing is certainly not the reason to dine there. It’s the steak and the atmosphere which make for the real rival to Mo’s, especially in downtown Milwaukee. Only slightly more casual, the Chophouse is also a special occasion steakhouse to many, but its cozy interior and sense of warmth remove the stuffy edge. Make no mistake, however: this is still a place where your every dining whim will be catered to with a sense of duty. In addition to surf and turf and other tempting steak entrees, the Chophouse has a decently rounded menu, with lamb and chicken dishes to boot.

Steak Houses in Milwaukee: Butch’s Clock Steak House
800 N. Plankinton Ave.
Milwaukee, WI
I can’t give Butch’s the same knowing nod of approval as the previous restaurants because I have never dined there. That said, it has generally been recommended as a friendly, less pretentious alternative to Mo’s and the Chophouse. Serving up a relish tray and soup or salad before the arrival of the steak, Butch’s follows a traditional (read: more informal) steak house formula for success. The owner also takes pride in the special aging process he has devised to endow the steaks with the perfect flavor. Just opened in 2004 a block north of Mo’s, this restaurant still developing a reputation, but it appears to straddle the line between foofy and laid-back.

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