Steps to Getting Organized

Select a specific room and don’t try to organize your entire home or office in one day. Choose the portion of a room that can be completed in two to four hours. The satisfaction of completing one area will encourage you to tackle other areas that need organizing.

Next, decide on the function of the room or space. When deciding on the function, ask yourself the following questions:

* What will the area be used for?

* How frequently will the area be used?

* What type of storage space already exist in the area?

Next, plan how you are going to organize your space. List any storage items or shelving you may need.

Take your time and move at your own pace. Don’t try to over do it.

Remove and separate the clutter into at least five piles according to what you want to do with the items. Place in bags or boxes and label according to the following categories:

* The space you are organizing

* Other areas of the home

* Give-a-way

* Throw-a-way

* Uncertain

Remember to do a little at a time and don’t let the piles of clutter overwhelm you. Make a list of everything you want to organize and as you check off each completed task pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

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