Stir of Echoes

Based on a book of the same name from Richard Matheson, directed and adapted by David Koepp (Secret Window, Spiderman, Jurassic Park, Carlito’s Way.) Fantastic film!

It has a great story with compelling and believable plot and characters, scary visuals, tight subplot and it’s just plain creepy! I like what David does with his script’s and characters. In Echoes he leaves no room for doubt from every aspect, of being 100% believable. That is what draws ME in.

I am also a fan of Kevin Bacon (Tom) and he shines in this role. The supporting cast is excellent, especially Zachary David Cope as Tom’s son Jake.

There is no wasted time setting up the story, and from each scene hence it moves quickly and draws you in moment by moment. Tom’s motivations are the jewel of Kevin’s acting and characterization.

Apart from being a supernatural thriller it is also part detective story, with Tom discovering what happened to the girl Samantha and who did it. Both having separate issues they need to settle and can only do it with the others help. (Tom’s directly and Samantha’s indirectly.)

Viewing the DVD (special ed. Widescreen) please check out the deleted scene “It’s a Girl” (beginning portion of the scene) I truly wish it could have remained in the film because it ties in title and theme, perfectly. This is a top-notch ghost story that has to be seen, with the lights ON

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