Stop Your Cat from Scratching the Couch in 3 Ways

Here are 3 ways to quickly keep your cat from scratching the couch. One of my cats loves to scratch the couch. I have spent the last few years working on ways and ideas to keep the cat from scratching the sofa!

So, check out these 3 ways to keep your cat from scratching the couch:

Stop Cat Scratching Sofa #1: Tin Foil

Tin foil is my little secret for getting the cats to stop scratching the couch. For some reason cats do not like the feel of tin foil. I guess they can not sink their little claws into it.

Anyway, I take some tape, usually duct tape or packing tape and tear off sheets of foil. Choose the locations on the couch the cats seem to be targeting and tape on the foil. Do this while the cat is young and they may not ever start to scratch the furniture.

Stop Cat Scratching Couch #2: Clear Tape

OK, so foil may not look so awesome and you are running to tear it off every time company comes over unexpectedly. I know, I’ve been there and that is exactly what it is like. Plus, I hated looking at it even though it worked.

So, I switched over to large clear tape. It adheres well to the couch and you really do not see it when walking in the room. Yes, you will see it if you look for it. That is to be expected.

To apply the tape I simply tore off 6 inch pieces of 3 inch wide clear tape and started covering the corners on the furniture. It works equally as well as the foil and you don’t even have to be in the room to keep the cats form scratching.

Part of the problem with sprays and noise makers that are designed to discourage cat’s form scratching furniture is that you have to be there. I mean, come on, we all have to leave for work!

Stop Cat Scratching Sofa #3: Double Sided Tape

So, finally, sticking with the tape theme, one more idea has worked wonders for me. That is double sided tape of course.

This applies just like the clear packing tape, but you will need quite a bit of it to cover corners, which is about the only draw back.

Cats really hate the feel of sticky doubled sided tape, so this is an awesome way to t stop them.

In most cases double sided tape is clear as well, so it will blend into the color of your couch. It also sticks well I you by a good brand, like Scotch.. Skip the generic here!

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