Stream of Passion – Melodic Hard Rock at Its Finest

There are some bands who really don’t get the credit and attention they ought to. Their music is non-commercial, rarely played on the radio, and they don’t tour aggressively. They are artists more than musicians. They don’t put accent on the flash of the concert or the bling of the music video. They put their music and their artistry first and it shows.

Sadly, this doesn’t seem to get them the press that they so richly deserve. One of the groups that fits this bill is Streams of Passion, with music composed by the swedish born Arjen Lucassen and lyrics richly sung and written by Marcela Bovio.

Their debut album, Embrace the Storm, returns to the stunning musical depth that Lucassen has displayed on all his other projects (Electric Castle, Human Equasion, Star 1). A mixture of heavy rock and classical music elements with Marcela’s poetic lyrics overlaying it all, the album evokes images of dark haunted corridors with windswept maidens in flowing gowns, dark angels, and the coming storm. All the classical elements of ‘gothic’ romance. With Marcela’s beautiful voice and haunting physical loviness it’s not a far stretch of the imagination.

Twelve new songs, coming in at just under an hour, take the listener away from the mundane world to a darkly beautiful one. The driving rhythm of Out in the Real World with the violin emphasis, the husky warning of Deceiver, the rock-lament of Haunted – each song brings a unique quality with Arjen’s talent for musical mixing and Marcela’s gorgeous vocal work.

Anyone fond of ‘gothic’ music will adore this album. Those familiar with Lucassen’s work will also not be let down but the combination of traditional instruments with hard rock. I recommend them to someone trying something ‘different’. It’s all easy on the ears – nothing too harsh, nothing too soft, nothing too boring. This is not Emo ‘Woe is me’ rock. This is not heavy ‘headbanger’ metal. This is melodic hard rock at its finest.

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