Stupid Girl: A Poem of Self-Criticism After Causing Emotional Pain

Here it goes again,
You stupid girl!
You’ve torn him apart.
You’ve shattered his world.
So, how do you feel now?
Knowing that the blame is on you?
How do you feel now?
What are you going to do?
I have never met anyone
So good at tearing people apart.
Never met anyone
Who could rip to shreds such a loving heart.
If I may ask,
Are you proud of yourself?
After throwing such painful punches?
After hitting below the belt?
My, my, my,
You stupid girl.
Is there really a need for you
In this crazy world?
I would make this suggestion,
If only I dared:
Try to love for once.
Try to care.
You can never understand
Love that lasts forever
If you don’t try itâÂ?¦
Try it while you are together.
I cannot see how you live
Causing such pain.
I suppose you must feel
Like you are forever in the rain.
But then how would I know?
My heart is loving.
The pain that your heart causes
My heart could never bring.
So, stupid girl,
How do you feel now?
Are you going to try to love?
Do you know how?
You don’t know,
Do you?
You have no idea
What on earth to do.
I can show you if you like,
But that is your decision�
But I will say this:
The way you are can no longer go on.
Put that part of you away.
Put it deep down inside.
You see,
That part of you must die.
If you are ever to love,
Remember this:
Love is wonderful�
As sweet as a kiss.
Give up your hurtful ways.
Move on with the new.
The only person who can change this
Is you.

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