Styling Long Curly Hair

A lot of women would love to have long naturally curly hair, but not all women with long naturally curly hair are happy with the manageability of their hair or their styling options. Naturally curly long hair tends to become frizzy, especially when brushed. If naturally curly hair is thick and long, it’s sometimes impossible to comb. This leads up to the question, what can a woman do to control naturally curly long hair and prevent it from becoming frizzy and unmanageable when styling?

I have long naturally curly hair, and I am very happy with my hair – when I have time for styling my hair properly that is. I can practically predict the weather with my hair. The more humid the weather, the more curly my long hair becomes, but if I allow my long curly hair to dry without styling it first, it turns into a frizzy unmanageable mess.

I found a product that is fantastic for styling my long curly hair, and when I follow specific steps for styling my long curly hair, I’m very happy with the results. If you have long curly hair, try the following tips and product suggestions for achieving an attractive long curly hairstyle. You can have long curly flowing locks of hair that you’ll absolutely love.

Conditioning Long Curly Hair

It’s essential to properly condition long curly hair with a top-quality conditioner in order to comb through it without causing breakage and damage. A top-quality conditioner is also helpful in preventing frizzy hair. Find a couple of different brands of hair conditioners that work well for your particular hair type, and alternate them often. When the same conditioner is used continuously, it sometimes stops working to its full potential. Keep in mind you don’t have to use the same brand of conditioner and shampoo. Many people think they have to use the same brand, but if you find a conditioner for your long curly hair that you like, use it with whatever brand of shampoo you prefer.

I use a cheaper brand of quality shampoo on a regular basis, but I use a couple of different high-quality conditioners for my long curly hair. I use Aussie Moist conditioner and Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Fortifying conditioner. Every few days I switch back to the other brand so both conditioners keep working as they should.

Combing Long Curly Hair

Those with long curly hair know how long curly hair turns frizzy when brushed after drying. That’s why it’s important to do most of the styling while long curly hair is wet. Curls will be uniform, nicely shaped, and very attractive. Many women have to pay for these types of curls.

Most women are aware that wet hair should never be brushed because of breakage and other damage. If your hair is long and curly, a large wide-tooth comb is your best option, and even after washing and thoroughly conditioning long curly hair, it still might be hard to comb through.

Anti-Frizz Cream for Long Curly Hair

Before I comb my long curly hair, I apply anti-frizz cream which helps make combing my hair much easier. I was thrilled to discover a product that keeps my long curly hair under control. DoveâÂ?¢ Intense Frizz Control is an excellent product. I’ve used DoveâÂ?¢ Frizz Control for normal hair, but I’ve found that Intense Frizz Control for Very Dry or Thick Hair works best for my hair. A four-ounce bottle of DoveâÂ?¢ Intense Frizz Control lasts about two weeks for my long curly hair. I pump about five squirts of anti-frizz cream into the palm of my hand, rub my hands together, and work it through my damp hair. After thoroughly working the frizz control cream through my hair, it’s easy to style with a wide-tooth comb. After styling my long curly hair exactly the way I want, I allow it to dry by itself. As my hair dries naturally the curls become tighter, and it looks like it was professionally styled.

After Styling Long Curly Hair

After your long curly hair is dry, don’t try styling it again unless you use your fingers or a hair pick. If you brush your hair or even try to comb it again it will probably become frizzy. Keep a spray bottle of clear water to mist your long curly hair should it become frizzy and out of control.

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