Substance Abuse Treatment Options in the Greater Boston Area

Whether you’re seeking help for a loved one or deciding to get help yourself kicking an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you are probably asking the same questions: where do I go? Local hospitals and A.A. groups can help point you in the right direction, as can a family doctor or counselor. There are a variety of hospital-based and non-profit-based treatment options in and around Boston. Here are just a few.

Victory House is, according to its webpage, a four-to-eight month residential drug program for men. Connected to Lemuel Shattuck Hospital, the program consists of four stages: orientation, commitment to recovery, transition (from recovery to the outside world) and aftercare. It’s parent organization, Victory Programs ( claims the overall purpose of helping people with “successful integration of the individuals back into their communities” by helping them achieve recovery. All of their programs are open to clients of all races, orientations and income levels. Victory House is located at 170 Morton St. 11 South in Jamaica Plain. The phone number is 617-983-8600.

Another Victory Program treatment center in the Boston area is New Victories. It, like Victory House, is a residential treatment program for men. Located in Dorchester, New Victories provides “opportunity for recovery”. Residents, along with counseling and AA/NA meetings, also have access to a gym and work at the residence. Job training referrals are also offered. New Victories is located at 9 Virginia Avenue. The phone number is 617-825-6088.

Women’s Hope, also under the Victory Programs umbrella, is also located in Dorchester. It provides 14-28 day rehab for women, especially pregnant women and women doing court-appointed rehab. The programs there are operated, according to the website, with special emphasis on “female issues surrounding alcoholism.” Along with group and individual counseling, residents take part in programs involving such things as basic life skills, parenting, and relapse prevention. Their phone number is 617-442-0048.

Addiction is a disease. Unfortunately, it is a disease which can attack someone who is already ill. In some cases, people suffering from mental illness also become addicted to drugs or alcohol. These two illness can feed on each other. Some hospitals have special treatment programs for patients dealing with the “dual diagnosis” – – mental illness and addiction.

Bournewood Health Systems is primarily a hospital serving the mentally ill. However, they also have a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. Bournewood’s website states “each individual is treated in response to his or her own particular needs.” Located at 300 South Street in Brookline, Bournewood also has a program for mentally ill patients who are also
dealing with addiction issues. Their phone number is 617-469-0300.

Arbour Hospital is another hospital primarily treating patients with psychiatric issues but also providing partial hospitalization and outpatient treatment for patients with “dual diagnosis” – mental health and substance abuse problems. Located on Robinwood Ave in Jamiaca Plain/Boston, Arbour’s substance abuse treatment includes treatment for dual-diagnosis adolescents as well. The phone number is 1-800-222-2237.

Millions of Americans abuse drugs and alcohol. Millions have also found relief from their addiction by seeking treatment for their addiction. Each of the organizations above seeks to help addicted individuals recover and return to living quality lives.

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