Substance Abuse Treatment Options in the Providence, RI Area

If you are at the point in your life where you are seeking substance abuse treatment for yourself or a loved one, the emotional stress of the addiction itself can be compounded by the confusion of not knowing where to turn for help. While drugs and alcohol can be found everywhere, rehab options are not. And while we hear all the time about the addiction pandemic, the news doesn’t provide much information on specific rehab locales. A family doctor, counselor, or local AA/NA chapter may be good starting points for advice about places offering substance abuse help. Here are some places in the Providence, RI area which can help in the rehab/recovery.

The Providence Center/Talbot Treatment provides, according to its website, a “wide range of substance abuse treatment centers for adults.” It offers both impatient and outpatient treatment programs. Outpatient programs exist to help addicts who, for financial reasons, would prefer to live at home and continue working at their preexisting jobs. These programs include “intensive outpatient services” and are available to both men and women who would like to recover from addiction while still living at home. Inpatient programs are also available. These programs allow people to live in a “supportive, substance-free environment.” The program runs from initial assessment through to aftercare. Long and short term programs are available, include the 10-14 day “fast track” program which offers intensive help beyond what a person would get as an outpatient.

As The Providence Center also deals with patients soley suffering from mental health issues, the staff is comprised of “specialized behavior health care professionals.” This being so, the Providence Center states it is “uniquely qualified” to handle dual-diagnosis residents, in other words, addicts who are also suffering from mental illness. The Providence Center also has specialized rehab for women where the focus is on “empowerment and recovery”.

The Providence Center/Talbot Treatment has several Providence locations. Their substance abuse residence is located at 90 Plain St. in Providence. Additional services are located at 530 North Main St. The phone number is 401-276-4020.

Caritas House (affiliated with the health system) provides rehab and recovery services for adolescent girls aged 13-17. The website states this was the first such targeted program in the country. At Cartias House, girls live on three floors earmarked for the program in a residence. The site states the average stay for a girl is “seven months.” Services include counseling and mandatory involvement by families. After a girl is ready to re-enter the outside world, she is given additional aftercare services which continue to involve the family include more counseling and relapse prevention as well as monitoring. Caritas House is located near Providence in Pawtucket at 166 Pawtucket Ave. The phone number is 401-722-4644.

MAP Alcohol And Drug Rehabilitation is located at 66 Burnett St. in Providence. (401-785-0050). MAP provides both residential and outpatient services. Residential services are long (over 30 Days) and short term (less than 30 Days). MAP provides detoxification, counseling and HIV testing. Special program settings exist for women, people in court-appointed counseling, Spanish-speaking and HIV-positive clientele.

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