Summer Camping: Portable Water Distiller!


I recently built a home-made water distiller for about $100, which is a lot less than the $200 to $2000 you would pa with a commercial seller.

Read about why I built it by clicking here.

Read about how to make your own by clicking here.


I just wanted to add this as a side-note: you can also use your home-made water distiller when you go camping. My distiller removes 95% or more of the contaminants from my tap water, and is small enough to haul around in my mini-camper, which you can see here.

By using all the parts I recommended in my other articles, you can substitute two things normally used in the kitchen for when you go camping:

ITEM 1 IN PICTURE: The electric or gas stove can be replaced by a Coleman white gas stove or propane camping stove.

ITEM 2 IN PICTURE: The electric fan used to cool off the small transmission oil radiator can be replaced with a plastic tub or large bowl full of cool water. Instead of using air (usually blown by the electric fan) to vent heat away from the radiator, the cold water acts as the heat exchange media. When distilling water for hours on end, you may need to change out the tub water on occasion. This water loses its efficiency for condensing the steam as it absorbs heat over time.

NOTE: Don’t throw that hot water out – use it for washing dishes!


By using a more powerful heat source such as a Coleman stove or propane stove while camping, I notice I chugged out distilled water much faster than the limited heat produced by my electric range at home.

If you cook with gas at home you will enjoy this same effect at home or while camping.


Chico the attack parrot approves of this article, and loves drinking the purified water that comes out of my distiller!

Have fun!

– John

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